Go Green: 7 Green Pet Tips

Looking to make your pet’s lifestyle more green and safer for her? The reasons to go green (or greener) are plentiful, but the big umbrella reason is wellness. Consuming better food, reducing waste, and using products that don’t pose a danger to your pet and family make for a gentler footprint on the planet. Evaluating […]

Think Green! 4 Tips For Caring for Pets

An article from the Poughkeepsie Journal focused on one family whose pets are “green.” Their cats are indoor only cats which helps protect the birds in their area and their guinea pig gets fresh grass from their yard to eat. They even sometimes give their dog the leftovers of the food they eat. Now while, […]

Green Pet Care: Using Salt

Salt can be used around your home to clean. Along with peroxide, vinegar, and lemon juice, you can be green and save a few bucks as well as keep your home safe and non-toxic for your pets and children. Aside from using salt to flavor food, sea salt can be used a body scrub when […]