Halloween Costume Safety Tips

Halloween can be a lot of fun. It’s even more fun when your pet can dress up and you two can walk around as team like Batman and Robin or a cowboy and a horse. You need to be sure that your pet will be ok being dressed up or else it could end up being a day where your pet is stressed and confused.

Here are 5 tips for Halloween with your pet:

1: Never leave them unattended

If you’re going to buy a costume for your pet this year, make sure that your pet is ok wearing it. Some dogs and cats do not tolerate any type of material on their bodies and may fight to get it off. This can mean they will shred and chew the costume. They can also ingest pieces of it. If your pet is not the type that will tolerate a costume on them, it is best to not dress them up.

2: Be aware of your pet’s moods

If your pet seems grumpy or tired, dressing her up and making her go out with your family probably is not a good idea. She may show some excitement at going for a walk but after a few minutes she might not tolerate the costume, trick or treating, and the whole routine. Some pets just hate having anything on them and if that’s the problem, it’s not worth forcing them to wear something or making a tired old dog go out for hours when they’d rather stay home and nap.

3: Test run

Before the big night of trick or treating, do a test run with the costume. Get her dressed up and see how long she wears it without fidgeting. You want to make sure the costume doesn’t restrict her or have elastic that is too tight on her body. Praise her for wearing it and see if she is ok doing her usual stuff in costume. This may mean you have a few test runs before trick or treating.

4: Being in a crowd

Some pets don’t mind being in a crowded area or walking down streets that have a lot of people. Others might enjoy it too much and try to make new friends with everyone they meet. Then there the dogs that get nervous and might try to dart away. If your pet isn’t the type that handles social situations well, leave her home.

5: No Candy!

Remember that candy and chocolate can be toxic to your pet. No candy, candy wrappers, or anything that isn’t meant for them. Watch your pet to make sure they don’t get into the halloween candy and nom on something they shouldn’t.

9 Funny Halloween Costumes for Dogs

Halloween is creeping up on us faster than we think and our pets, if they are up for it, need a costume! Now, we could do the usual where a bandana around the neck or hat on their head dresses them up or we could go big! I say, GO BIG!

Here’s some great and fun costumes for dogs:

Triceratops headgear is perfect for the dog who wants to trample and be a dinosaur. As the picture shows, a french bulldog or bulldog would probably look fantastic with this.

Cowboy! Maybe your dog is too active to wear a headpiece. A harnessed costume would be better and if your dog is the type who romps and skips, this cowboy on his back is perfect. When your dog moves the cowboy bucks so it really looks like it is “riding” your dog like a horse. I’ve seen this on dogs and it’s hysterical.

Headless Horseman is another variation of the cowboy but this time with a little more spooky flavor to it. It is Halloween after all.

Superpuppy! Is your dog mild mannered, little clumsy, and introverted? Well, maybe this costume will bring out the hero in him. Turn your pup into superman. The body suit is breathable and the cape (as long as other dogs don’t tug it) rests perfectly on your dog’s back when standing or sitting still.

Tuxedo and top hat is a very dapper and formal costume for the mature and refined dog in your life. Show off his good looks and perfect mannerisms while also his spiffiness with a tuxedo. He’ll be sure to turn heads.

Froggy costume is perfect for the low-rider dogs. It’s hysterical and if I had a bulldog or other short and stout pup I’d definitely dress her/him up as a frog.

Spiderdog costume is great for the little climber in your life. Face it, all dogs have an alter ego. Let it show this Halloween. This costume is easy to put on and breathable.

Robin might be more your dog’s speed. If you have two dogs it’s a great idea to dress them up as a duo and Robin would compliment the next costume.

Batman or the dark knight is perfect for your dog to dress up as, especially if you really do have a Robin to compliment the look.

What will your dog dress up as for this Halloween?

7 Hilarious Cat Costumes for Halloween

Cats don’t dress up, or do they? Halloween candy, costumes for kids, and decorations are out in the stores. There are plenty of costumes for dogs. They don’t seem to be mind being in clothing. But what about cats? Do any cats like putting on a costume or finding their alter ego on Halloween?

7 hilarious Halloween costumes for cats

Shark Cat

If your cat has a tendency to slink around and you can only ever see the tail as she walks around, why not make it funnier and dress her up as a shark for the day!?

Hairy Potter

For all of us sci-fi/fantasy fans out there, show your love of Harry Potter with your cat. I can’t guarantee the hat will stay on for long but he’ll sure look adorable with it. Take pics!


I had a cat that liked to play catch with me. I would throw a ping pong ball to him and he’d catch it (sometimes) between his paws and then bat it back to me. Sometimes he’d just watch it roll away and then wash his face. But for your cats that do like to play baseball, this is perfect.

Bee Cat

Remember the song by Blind Melon and video of all the people dressed as bees? I think someone should redo it with bee cats. Lots of bee cats. If anyone dresses their cat up as a bee for Halloween, please share it with us. We’d love to see it.


If your cat likes to romp and run, this is the perfect costume for him. Watch the little mouse buck back and forth as your cat zooms through the house.

Classy cat

For your more mature and formal cat, there’s a tie and collar that he can wear for Halloween. Why not greet the trick or treaters in style?


My cats like fish and try to get my tuna rolls. If they weren’t horribly offended by clothes I’d prob dress them both up as rolls.

Halloween Costumes For The Fidgety Dog

Are you planning on attending a Halloween dog parade or a party at your doggie daycare and can’t think of what to dress little Rorie up as? Sure, there’s the costumes that you can buy that look great if your dog sits so the front legs pose as the legs of the costume (ex: prisoner, cop, Elvis) but when they stand up and walk around, it’s all out of whack. Plus, you’re not sure if the other dogs might tug on the fake little arms or if your dog will rip it while she’s playing.

There’s also the fear of the costume having small plastic bits that other dogs or your dog might bite off and swallow. This weekend, while looking to see what new trends were out there for pet costumes, I came across several costumes that could work well for a dog who may be socializing and trick or treating and needs to look great.

I found a series of these online doing a google image search for pet costumes. The costume is simple: take a harness and decorate it with a little stuffed person on top to create any of the following: a cowboy atop his trusty steed (your dog), a knight going into battle, a headless horseman, or a jockey racing to the finish line.

Basically, your dog is a horse and a super useful one to any one of these little stuffed guys who need him. The costume itself is easy enough to put on your dog and shouldn’t feel much different from wearing a harness. If your dog is active and hyper, a full blown costume might make her feel confined. This simple, yet funny, costume is light, easy, and can be bought or created at home if you’re crafty.

This fireman costume is available at many pet stores and online stores. It’s a simple costume with no dangling pieces and should fit and feel like a dog jacket. If your dog is used to wearing a vest or raincoat during cold and rainy weather, then this costume should be fairly comfortable for her. The only part that shouldn’t stay on for long is the hat. The elastic that holds it on could start to dig into the dog’s neck or another dog could grab it and pull it off.

Playing and running shouldn’t be a major problem and is easy to put on and take off. To complete the look, you can see if your local pet store sells black dog booties.

If your dog is a goofball and hyper, go for a simple costume. One that is easy to take off and easy for your dog to wear. You don’t want to put wings and hat on a dog that will just turn around and try to chew it off or run in circles because she’s not sure what’s on her and freak out. Pick a costume that is light, has little to no extra hanging bits like fake jewels or fake arms, and doesn’t have glitter.

One more final costume style that will work for a fidgety dog is a simple one that fits like a vest on your dog and may feel like a blanket on her back. It clips closed under the chest and belly and some have a stuffed part on the top depending on the costume. Your dog could be a dragon, a cat, a bee, a pumpkin, or a bunch of grapes.

Whatever you choose to dress your dog up as for Halloween, make sure it’s a costume that your dog will be ok wearing. Get your dog used to wearing the costume by putting it on for a few minutes everyday and offering praise and positive reinforcement as your dog wears it and walks around in it. That will cut down on any anxiety or tantrums the day of the party.

If your group is having a contest – hope you win first prize!