10 Tips to Cat-Proof Your Christmas Tree

If you have a curious kitty and a Christmas tree, you know there is a chance that you’ll find your ornaments on the floor, gifts with little claw marks on them, and a cat perched in your tree peeking out at you.

Here are 10 tips to try and save your sanity this holiday season:

  1. Wrap some tin foil around the trunk of tree to repel your cat. Cats don’t like the the feeling of tin foil or the sound and will often run away.
  2. Spray the tree and some of the decorations with citronella spray. The smell repels cats but may also repel you so use it sparingly.
  3. Place a floor runner under the stand of the tree upside down. The little bumps feel weird to cats and they tend to stay away from the texture.
  4. Place ornaments that are sentimental or more expensive higher up on the tree with strong hooks so your cat won’t knock those one off as easily.
  5. Consider placing the tree on an elevated stand if it’s short using a milk carton or box.
  6. Secure your tree using fishing line and some hooks placed in the wall or ceiling.
  7. Orange peels that are laid around the base of the tree will repel your cat. Cats do not like citrus and will stay away from anything that has that scent. Remember to throw them out when they are dried up and old.
  8. Double-sided tape placed around the base will repel your cat when they step on it and it’ll keep them from coming near the tree again.
  9. If you’re able to supervise, keep a squirt bottle nearby and spray your cat if he tries to scratch or climb the tree or play with the ornaments. To a cat, a decorated tree is like a gigantic toy!
  10. If all else fails, get a big big dog and tie him to the tree as your personal Christmas tree bodyguard. Problem is, you may have a tree that is then covered in dog pee. **

**We don’t really advocate  tying dogs to trees, indoor or outdoor.

In all seriousness, some cats don’t care and will just sniff the tree and have nothing more to do with it. Outsmarting your cat can become a comedy sketch but if you keep the shiny ornaments off the lower branches, keep some orange scented items near the bottom, and make sure the cat doesn’t drink the water in the stand, your holiday should be peaceful and nice. You may even have some great photo opportunities of your cat snoozing among a pile of gifts under the tree and looking unbearably cute.

Image from wallpaper.goodfon.com

Keep Pets Safe Around Holiday Decorations

The holidays are here and this means lights, decorations, candles, trees, and many other festive items that make our homes a little brighter, warmer, and fun. It also means our pets are exposed to items that could be harmful to them.

Holiday decorations come in many sizes, forms, and materials. The candles in our menorahs for Hanukkah or the poinsettias in the window sill could cause major problems if our pets chew on them. Wires from lights and tinsel on Christmas trees can be hazardous too.

If you are decorating for the holidays, remember these tips:

  1. Holly, mistletoe, and poinsettias are toxic to pets. If you have these in your home, place them where your pet cannot reach them. It might be best to have these hanging outside on your porch or in planters where they decorate the steps up to your house if you have a very curious kitty or nosey dog.
  2. If you have a live tree in your house, keep the needles tidy. The needles can puncture the stomach lining. Clean up the needles that fall off as soon as possible.
  3. Ornaments on the tree are very intriguing to animals. In particular it seems cats get curious and will smack them around like it’s their own personal jungle gym. Dogs might try to carry an ornament and break it in their mouths. If you have a pet that plays with the ornament, try using a training spray that deters them. Avoid tinsel as cats have a tendency to chew it. The tinsel can cause blockages and make them very ill.
  4. Keep the wires from lights, lamps, and other decorations tidy and tucked away so your rambunctious puppy or playful kitty doesn’t tug them or get tangled in them. Many hardware and house-ware stores sell cord covers and zip ties that can keep things neat.
  5. If your cat insists on drinking water from the bottom of the christmas tree, you may need to find a cover to prevent her from doing so. Dirty water can make your cat ill. Your dog may also think it’s a new water bowl and could knock decorations or the tree off the stand. Always keep fresh water out for your pets in their water bowls to urge them to not look anywhere else for a drink.
  6. And don’t forget to shop for your pets as you hit the stores this season!

    Image from Wallpaperswala.com