Pet Stores Around Nashville, Tennessee

Nashville, Tennessee has a good variety of different pet stores and services, ranging from aquarium shops with reptile rooms to dog boutiques to self-service dog washes to pet hotels.

Nashville Pet Products Center

This store has a location in Nashville, and a few others in Tennessee. They are a locally-owned store that carries a wide variety of pet food and other products. Some of the things they sell are pet bathing systems, supplements, dog car seats and healthy pet foods.

Aquatic Critter Inc

Aquatic Critter Inc claims to be the most complete facility for aquatic, pond and reptile products and animals in Middle Tennessee. They sell a variety of saltwater and freshwater fish species and items. They also sell a range of products and can give advice on how to put up and maintain a pond system. This store also has a reptile room.

The Cat Shoppe & The Dog Store

The Cat Shoppe naturally caters to cats, selling special toys, natural food and litter. The Dog Store carries some breed-specific items, as well as dog foods and treats.

Nashville Holistic Pet

Nashville Holistic Pet is a locally-owned store that sells all kinds of natural food for pets.

Come Sit Stay

Come Sit Stay is a dog boutique that sells things like fancy dog beds, specially designed collars, blankets, bowls and other cute accessories.

Miss Kitty’s Bed and Bath

Miss Kitty’s Bed and Bath is a pet resort and all-breed grooming salon.

Their dog hotel gives each pet their own linoleum floors, cloth curtains and ceramic rocks to relax and feel at home. For exercise, they are taken out five times a day to play in the grassy field with other dogs. They also provide doggie daycare services for smaller dogs. For those who love shopping for their dogs, they offer a dog boutique that sells a variety of dog apparel, ranging from sweaters to tuxedos to sunglasses. They also have a pet bakery where they sell treats and can bake things like dog birthday cakes.

Wags & Whiskers

Wags & Whiskers is a holistic dog food provider for dogs and cats. They are also a self-service dog wash that has baths tubs for all sizes of dogs. This store also sells a variety of dog and cat toys, as well as treats like jerky and bones.

Dogs & Kat

Dogs & Kat is a dog training facility that offers several classes, such as agility, no jumping, tricks, manners and more.

Pet Stores in Madison, Wisconsin


Madison, Wisconsin, is a great college town that offers all sorts of unique pet stores. Many of them cater to pets with specialized organic and raw diets, and have a variety of healthy foods.

The Dog Den, LLC

This store was created with the intention of providing great care for dogs in the Madison area. They have set up a safe, supervised, structured atmosphere for dogs to play and socialize with other dogs. They have playgroups that operate every Saturday morning, indoors and outdoors, with separate age and size groups. These playgroups cost $3 for an hour. They also offer useful training classes and behavior consults.

Noah’s Ark Pet Center

Noah’s Ark is a health food store for pets. It has been open in Madison since 1969. They sell a variety of pets, such as tropical fish, small birds, vaccinated, FELEUK-tested kittens, and other small animals. They also sell pet supplies and food, including raw food. They offer some animal services, such as professional dog and cat grooming, obedience classes, puppy kindergarten, bark collar rentals and dog crate rentals.

Tabby & Jack’s

Located in Fitchburg, Wisconsin, this store is a great place for providing healthy and safe food, accessories and holistic grooming services. This place is a new store that opened back in 2007, and is owned by animal experts. They offer a wide selection of pet food brands, and options for raw food diets. They are probably the best place to go for dog and cat supplements, as they offer anything from vitamins to muscle support to fur medicines. There is also a variety of healthy pet treats. The grooming services are available in the store or at your home!


Mounds Pet Food Warehouse

Mounds Pet Food Warehouse is a locally owned and operated pet store that has five locations throughout south central Wisconsin. They work with several adoption and humane organizations to find homes for pets. They are currently offering some seasonal supplies to keep your pets warm through the cold winter, like wild bird houses, heated pet bowls, heated bird baths, and pet clothing and shoes. They often offer classes and other events. You can bring your dog along to shop at Mounds, and they will give it a complimentary treat.


Nutzy Mutz & Crazy Catz

This store specializes in many eco-friendly and natural pet products, ranging from food, toys, training aids, supplements, and grooming supplies. They even offer some products for chickens. They like to support the local scene, so they carry the work of local artists and artisans, like handmade collars and cat toys made out of recycled materials. There is also a wide supply of books about animal care.