It’s a War Out There! Felines vs. (Everything)

Cats have mortal enemies and must battle to make sure their enemies do not win. Don’t believe us? Well, check out these videos of cats fighting and winning battles.

Kitten vs Watermelon: That impenetrable shell!

Kitten vs Fake Kitten: The struggle is real

Kitten vs Clone: That mirror cloned a fake, must fight!

Cat vs Toilet Paper: It must be shredded

Pet Stores Around Providence, Rhode Island

There are lots of great local pet stores in and around the city of Providence, Rhode Island. Shoppers can easily buy holistic pet food, aquarium supplies or pet pastries!

Rhode Island Aquarium & Pet Center

This store has a variety of freshwater, tropical and gold fish available, and they specialize in rare and exotic species. They also sell some small animals and exotic reptiles. There is also a variety of products at this store, such as protein skimmers, aquarium systems, filters, ornaments, as well as holistic dog and cat foods. In terms of services, they offer free water testing and demos on fish tank maintenance, as well as diagnostics on fish diseases.

Plaid & Stripe

This pet store is centered around cats and dogs. They have a huge supply of collars and leashes with all sorts of unique and fashionable designs. They also sell canine grooming supplies, containers, toys and treats. For cats, they sell specialty bowls and other containers. Well behaved dogs are welcome inside for complimentary water and treats. There are also some gifts for human pet lovers, like apparel, books, art and cards.

Dogs in Harmony

Dogs in Harmony is mainly a bakery for dogs that carries its own line of pet pastries and organic dog treats. There are also many eco-friendly dog products and food, spa supplies, dog apparel, glassware and toys. They also have a “cat corner,” as well as food and supplements for rabbits.

Pure Paradise Pets

This pet store is located in Johnston, Rhode Island, and is a full line pet store that has some interesting features.

The store has large animals living there, such as an alligator, an anaconda and a giant tortoise! There are also some normal pets in the reptile room, like boas, corn snakes and pythons, as well as some spiders and scorpions. There are some exotic birds, like macaws and amazons, also on display and sale. The fish room has a very well-stocked supply of freshwater fish. There are even some small animals for sale.

National Pet Center

This pet store is located in Cranston, Rhode Island, and is family owned and operated. They sell a variety of animals, including domestic kittens, purebred kittens, reptiles, amphibians, freshwater fish, gerbils, hamsters, mice, rats, chinchillas, ferrets and more. They also sell products like organic food and fish supplies. They also offer a few animal services, such as nail trimming, wing clipping and some low-cost health clinics (just check when they are holding these services).

Upcoming Animal Expos

There are a few unique all-animal and exotic animal expos coming up in different areas of the country next month. One of the shows is even pet-friendly!

Scott Smith’s All Animal Expo LLC

February 6, 21

DuPage County Fairgrounds

Wheaton, Illinois

These multi-species expos will be open to the public from 10:00 AM-3:00 PM. Admission is $5, but free for children under 10.

This show has over 100 tables, and is largely reptile based. They will hold all sorts of other animals, like puppies and kittens that are not bred in mills, and birds like canaries and parrots. Small exotic animals will also be featured, like sugar gliders, hedgehogs and ferrets. Chinchillas and rabbits will also be present, along with tarantulas, scorpions and seahorses! They will even have some small livestock, like chickens and ducks.

Of course there will also be discounted supplies for many of these animals, such as cages, tanks, bedding, toys and decorations. Many food items, like crickets, mice and rats, will also be available for purchase.

Super Pet Expo

NJ Convention & Exposition Center

Edison, New Jersey

February 12-14

This all-weekend show will take place on Friday from 4:00 PM-9:00 PM; Saturday from 10:00 AM-7:00 PM; and Sunday from 10:00 AM-5:00 PM. There will be over 150 pet related vendors, along with unique educational and entertaining activities. One of the entertainers will be Mutts Gone Nuts, which will be a dog trick comedy show. There will also be a Puppy Playground, which is over 5,000 square feet of space for your dog to play and socialize. There will even be a venomous snake exhibit! Leashed pets are welcome to accompany you; just read the pet waiver beforehand.

Super Pet Expo

Valley Forge Convention Center

King of Prussia, Pennsylvania

February 26-28

See the above description. It is the same show as in New Jersey, just at a different location!

34th Unique Animal Expo & Pet Fair

Washington County Fairgrounds

Hillsboro, Oregon

February 27, 28

This is the “Oldest and Largest Combined Animal Expo in the Pacific Northwest!” This fair will take place from 10:00 AM-5:00 PM on both days. It costs $8 for adults, $5 for seniors, $4 for children 5-12, and free for children under 5. This expo will feature 114 vendor booths. There will be an exhibit area, which will have one section for live birds, one section for live reptiles, and one for live mammals, each with supplies for sale.

Pet Stores in Baltimore, Maryland


If you’re on vacation in Baltimore, Maryland, let it be known that this town has an extensive collection of lovely pet stores. Baltimore is not too far from Washington DC, so you could even come to Baltimore up through a DC vacation.

Pretentious Pooch

This is a cat and dog lifestyle boutique. It is located in the Mt Vernon district in Baltimore, and has been open for a few years. It offers cat and dog treats, clothing, special collars and bath products. Dogs of all sorts are allowed to join you while you shop in the store. You can even enter your dog in their “Dog of the Month” competition. They offer products like fancy dog shampoos in many flavors, and even a dog bath robe! If it’s your dog’s birthday while you’re in Maryland, they sell dog birthday cakes.

Doggone Delicious Bakery

This bakery serves all types of treats, such as bones, cupcakes and cakes. There are also organic dog treats. They even ship all over Maryland.

City Pet Center

The City Pet Center is a boarding, grooming and daycare place, whose goals is for dogs to have fun when they visit there. They offer many different forms of grooming, including teeth brushing, baths, nail clippings, brush outs and more. There is also a retail space that has stuff like beds, pet crates, shampoo, clothes, treats, dog and cat food, stationary, toys and more. The products are for dogs and cats only.

Lucy’s Canine Cafe

This dog cafe offers a ton of nicely assorted and presented baked dog treats. They even have outdoor tales where your dog can enjoy the treats. They also offer many different toys and crab bandanas (the crab symbolizes Baltimore). There are also some grooming supplies, collars, leashes and assorted gift items. They have a kitty corner to grab a present for your cat back home too.

Just Puppies

Located in Townson, Maryland, Just Puppies is a family owned and operated store. They buy their puppies from USDA state registered breeders. They help you pick out the type of puppy that is best for you, your family and your lifestyle.

Exoitc Aquatics

This store specializes in live corals, and has specialty corals from places like Indonesia and Australia. They also have fish and aquarium supplies.

Advice for Flying with your Cat


When you fly with your cat, make sure to do a lot of preparation before you head off, so everything goes smoothly.

One month before your anticipated travel departure, you should call your travel agent or airline and reserve a space. Also double-check on your airline’s pet carrier and pet policies, because you don’t want anything to surprise you at the last minute! Test out your cat carrier. Make sure your cat has enough room in it, and be sure that it can breathe easily. Before you take off on a plane, you should do short car trips with your cat in its carrier, so it gets used to the motions.

If necessary, you should go to your vet and get all necessary documentation. Health certificates and vaccination records could be necessary, depending on where you are traveling and what the airline policy is. If you feel it is necessary, pick up some sedatives. Some cats will be fine in this situation, but others will freak out, and you don’t want your cat making everyone’s ride miserable (crying babies are bad enough!) Have the health certificate within easy access, not buried away in a suitcase.


You should purchase a cat collar, and put on an ID tag. You can buy a leash and harness if you feel that is necessary. For security purposes, you should list your name, phone number, address of home and the phone number and address of the city you are going to. Take a photo of your cat and keep it within reach, in case anything happens.

You should feed your cat about six hours before you go to the airport. You should bring aboard a bottle of water, some dry food (wet food smells really bad and you don’t want to annoy anyone) and liners for the cat carrier. Before you go to the airport, you should put on the cat’s collar, and harness and leash, if necessary, before you put it into its cage.

When you arrive at the airport, check in at the main counter, and then go to security. You can remove your cat from the carrier when you walk through the metal detector. Never put the cat through an X ray machine.

During the flight, try to keep the cat in a relaxed temper. Try to pet it through the openings of its cage. When you land, wait until everyone exits before you get up and go.

If you must travel with your cat as cargo, you should call in advance to see if there are any special requirements for this method. Watch your cat getting loaded and unloaded. Planes are less crowded in the middle of the week, as opposed to weekends, so this is the best time to travel. Don’t make plans to do this during very hot or very cold weather. Let a flight attendant know your cat is traveling as cargo.