What To Do If You Find a Lost Pet

Have you ever seen a dog or cat running loose on a busy street? You may have tried to get it out of harm’s way — or you may have wanted to, but weren’t sure how. Here are some tips that can help next time you see a lost pet: Be cautious: the dog or […]

7 Ways to Help You Recover a Lost Dog

This morning I was walking two dogs and as I turned a corner one of them started tugging to go check out something in the grass. The other dog tugged the other way. For a split second I thought about what I would do if one got away. Their leashes were wrapped around my hands […]

Ways to Prevent Dognapping

Last month in LA a fake car crash was staged to steal money and the robbers also took the silky terrier. Stealing dogs and reselling them for profit has been rising over the last few years. Pure breed dogs are usually targeted because their personality, looks, and breed can bring in more cash than selling […]