5 Favorite Movies With Animals

We’ve recently posted some of our favorite dog movies and favorite cat movies, but we found a few more films that feature animals as main characters, and we couldn’t let them go unrecognized. Here are a few more movies about animals, either animated or real, and not always the kinds of creatures that make good pets!

Check out some more of our favorite movies with animals:

The Adventures of Tintin

Tintin is a young journalist, with his dog Snowy, who finds a secret scroll in a boat he buys. He is abducted and ends up on an exciting adventure with his dog, and a captain named Haddock who is the descendant of Sir Francis Haddock, the captain of a ship called The Unicorn in the 17th century. The Unicorn was sunk and Tintin, Snowy, and Haddock search for the hidden treasure and the location of the sunken ship.
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Marley and Me

Jen and John Grogan are a married couple who get a puppy, Marley, that ends up growing up to be a 100lb. dog. During his life with the Grogans, Marley has a lot of fun. In his 14 years of life, Marley does crazy things like jumping into the family pool, eating anything and everything he can, and wreaking havoc. Marley is a lovable dog but he just doesn’t know what he should and shouldn’t do. It’s a comedy and shows the bond between owners and their pets.
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Curious George

Ok, George is not a cat or dog, he’s a monkey. A naughty little monkey who follows a man in a yellow hat, Ted. They become friends and George follows Ted out of Africa back to the city. Ted has a few unfortunate incidents and George is there as his buddy. When Ted discovers that a small idol he found is just a clue to where an ancient idol can be found, he and George head out on adventure that is full of action, fun, and clumsiness.
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Kung Fu Panda

Po, a panda who was adopted by Ping, a goose, admires the Furious Five who are students of the Kung Fu Master Shifu. Accidentally Po finds himself being chosen as the Dragon Warrior. Many don’t believe a fat Panda could be “the one” but after training and finding his particular and unique talent, Po proves that warriors come in all shapes and sizes.
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Wallace and Gromit: The Curse of the Were-Rabbit

This is one of my favorite movies, ever! Wallace and his super-intelligent dog, Gromit must rescue the residents of their town from a mutant rabbit before the annual vegetable competition. They have been catching rabbits all season but now they have run out of space to keep the little guys. Wallace thinks of inventing a machine that would brain-wash the rabbits into not eating the vegetables but, as luck would have it, the machine doesn’t work. However, they now have a semi-intelligent rabbit named Hutch. The hunt for the Were-Rabbit is full of clumsy mishaps, funny tangled moments, and strange catastrophes for Wallace and Gromit. It’s a great family film.
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Favorite Movies About Dogs

Ever come home from work and want to do nothing but watch tv and put your feet up? Yeah, me too. Now that the days are getting shorter and the nights are getting colder, the idea of curling up under a blanket on the couch and watching a movie in the evening sounds like a great idea. A movie about a dog is an even better idea!

If you’re feeling the need for some “dog therapy” check out these movies about dogs:

My Dog Skip

A heart-warming story of a boy named Willie who finds a best friend in his new dog Skip, an outgoing Jack Russell Terrier. The movie is set in the 1940s and is based on William Morris’ memoir. You may want to have a box of tissues near by as this movie is a bit of a tear jerker.
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Lady and the Tramp

A well-taken care of Cocker Spaniel meets a mutt living downtown named Tramp. They share spaghetti and she meets his group of fun friends. It’s puppy love at first sight and a classic film for the whole family.
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Best in Show

A great cast of characters with quirky personalities make this movie hysterical to watch. Jane Lynch, Catherine O’Hara, and Fred Willard are just some of the actors who portray dog enthusiasts. The movie is presented as a documentary of 5 dogs and their owners who compete in the Mayflower Kennel Club Dog Show. It’s an over-the-top take on dog show owners with strange background stories and what they believe their dogs like and don’t like. Parker Posey’s freakout in the pet store over not finding the right toy for her dog is unforgettable.
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White Fang

Based on the novel by Jack London, a young man is in Alaska and befriends a half wolf/half dog orphan while learning to survive the harsh climate. There are some tough scenes of dog fights, wolves hunting, and the meeting a big bear might be too violent for young kids. It’s an incredible story that shows the bond shared between people and their canines.
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A dog is a superhero on tv and believes he is one in real life! Bolt is on a mission: to save his co-star and embarks on an adventure outside of the tv studio. He thinks his superpowers are real but soon learns that the real world is a bit tougher to navigate and for the first time ever, he experiences pain and hunger. Along the way Bolt makes friends with an alley cat named Mittens who teaches him how to get food by acting cute and Rhino, a tv obsessed hamster. A great movie for the whole family.
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What are some of your favorite movies about dogs? We’d love to know!