Polar Bear Pets A Dog

You may have seen the video of a polar bear gently pawing at a dog. It’s an “awww” moment for sure. There were some questions I had when I saw the video like, “where is this?” and “who owns the dog?”

Turns out, the dog belongs to a man named Brian Ladoon, who owns a dog sanctuary. The video is from Manitoba, Canada. It was shot by David de Meulles, a tour guide for North Star Tours. According to CNET, conservation officers removed a bear from the property of Ladoon a week prior to this video because the bear had killed one of the dogs. However, this polar bear seems more curious about the dog. The bear sniffs the dog, paws him, and does not seem to have any desire to harm the dog. The dog does not seem scared or startled by the bear. In fact, before the pawing starts, the two are sitting next to each other in the sun.

If you haven’t seen the video yet, here it is:

Grumpy Looking Cat Finds New Home

A little kitten down in Bradenton, Florida found a new home after two men went to an empty house. The men were inspecting the house for sale when they came across an orange female persian kitten. The kitten looked grumpy, according to Paul Tateosian, a real estate agent assistant. When his colleague, Jason Burnside came out to the backyard, he took the little kitten home. He put the backseat down in his truck, placed a towel down, and the little persian went to sleep.

The two men think the cat was left behind by the previous owners who moved away. The cat was thin, matted, and definitely looked grumpy. However, now the cat, named Girdy, is living with Burnside’s mother and she looks gorgeous. This little girl got a happy ending and a new forever home.

To read the whole story, check it out on here.

Photo from Yahoo News

Rhode Island Wants to Reinstate Breed Discriminatory Laws

Pawtucket, Rhode Island wants to retain their breed ban even though a judge found that the law is void under the state laws regarding domestic pets. However, a bill known as, H 5800, would amend the state’s animal control law that prohibits breed discriminatory laws. The Amendment would allow for a ban to stand that was enacted prior to July 2013.

If this law passed, it would not just affect Pawtucket, it would allow any other town to re-instate their breed discrimination laws too. Breed laws have shown to not control or stop the number of dog bites in a community and it has been speculated that these laws are a roundabout way to discriminate against a class of people. The stereotype of who owns what type of dogs has led some people to wonder if these laws are actually being used to prevent minorities from living in certain counties, cities, communities.

If you are interested in learning more, read the article here.

Image from Becuo.com

Owner Sues Beneful Dog Food

Earlier in 2015, a dog owner filed a class-action lawsuit against Purina’s Beneful dog food alleging that thousands of dogs have become ill from the dry food. The lawsuit, filed by Frank Lucido, states that after feeding his 3 dogs the dry food, two became ill and one died. The suit alleges Beneful dry dog foods contain an ingredient toxic to animals, propylene glycol, a chemical used in automobile antifreeze.

The lawsuit cites that there have been more than 3,000 complaints online about dogs becoming ill or dying after eating Beneful. With symptoms such as stomach and related internal bleeding, liver malfunction or failure, vomiting, diarrhea, dehydration, weight loss, seizures and kidney failure.

To read more about the lawsuit, check out the article at CBS News here.

Image from RVoutdoors.com

Meals On Wheels For Pets

Seniors who receive Meals On Wheels and have a pet may also be able to get meals for their pets delivered as well. Banfield Pet Hospital, the nation’s largest private pet hospital, teamed up with Meals on Wheels over the holiday season to deliver food to pets in need back in 2006. Since then, the service has grown to deliver meals to seniors and their pets throughout the country.

Meals on Wheels created We All Love Our Pets that seeks to provide food to pets in partnership with Banfield.

In the Kansas City Star, an article highlights how well the program has worked. Jack Patrick has a dog and he used to share his meal with his furry friend. That is, until the Warrensburg Senior Center began including pet food in their version of meals on wheels. Jack’s dog, Andy, now gets a week’s worth of food every Wednesday. Nearly 100 meals delivered across Warrensburg also include meals for pets. The program is sponsored by Banfield after Andy Posluny started including pet food. Andy had heard about seniors sharing their meals with their pets and wanted to do something to help. For months before the Banfield grant came through, Posluny was funding the pet food from his own pockets.

Do you know of a neighbor who may need some assistance feeding their pet? Do you want to see if Meals on Wheels has a pet food program in your area?

Check out the following links:

We All Love Our Pets
Banfield Charitable Trust

PETA Members Steal Family Dog

In the beginning of November, an article from the NY Daily News told the story of Maya, a chihuahua who belonged to the Cerate family, that was stolen and euthanized. According to Mr. Cerate, two women walked onto his property and took his dog from the front porch. Video surveillance confirmed his story and the women had driven away in a truck with PETA (People For the Ethical Treatment of Animals) logos on the side. A few days later the two women returned with a fruit basket and told the family the dog had been euthanized but did not give any reason why they took the dog in the first place, why the dog was euthanized, or why (if any) this act furthered the goals of the organization.

The women were charged with larceny but the prosecutor decided to drop the charges because there seemed to be a lack of criminal intent. It’s unclear what aspect or element was missing that could make the charge impossible to push through. However, it is clear that two women trespassed onto Mr. Cerate’s property and stole his other property (Maya). If anything, that’s at least a civil claim right there of trespass, right? Then later when they returned with a basket, admitted to taking the dog and euthanizing it.

It’s a bizarre story but it’s not outside the character of PETA. The organization has been documented to have done some rather strange actions and sometimes downright unethical. In 2005, PETA was found to have killed numerous dogs and cats in the back of their van and dumped the bodies in a dumpster behind a mall. They were charged with 21 counts of animal cruelty which were then lowered to littering and then dropped. PETA has some top notch lawyers. The case was dropped because the argument hinged on whether a dumpster was an appropriate place to throw out garbage. The garbage was dead animals.

PETA has a reputation for frowning upon people keeping pets in their homes. The organization believes this is a form of slavery and finds it unacceptable. However, theft and destruction are not the answers and, if anything, hurts other animal welfare groups by their outrageous actions.

To read more about the Cerate families run in with PETA, check out the article at WOBC.com.

Image from Facebook:Stand for Maya

Amtrak Allowing Pets to Travel on Trains

Amtrak has started a new program of allowing pets to travel on their trains. The program is still in an experimental phase but if it seems successful, it will slowly spread to be nationwide. For now, the only trip that allows pets is between Chicago and Quincy, Ill. It’s a 4 hour train ride and will be in effect for 6 months.

This is the first time that the Amtrak has allowed pets that were not service animals to travel in the passenger area of the trains.

The rules are similar to flying with pets:

  1. There is an additional pet fee
  2. Your pet must fit into a carrier that can be stored under your seat
  3. You may not take your pet out the carrier
  4. At station stops, your pet cannot relieve itself as there are no designated areas and the stops are pretty short
  5. Your pet must be up to date with vaccines

This is a wonderful alternative for dogs and cats that cannot travel on airplanes, such as brachycephalic ones like pugs, bulldogs, persian cats, and other breeds.

To read the rest of the article check out NBC’s article.

Image from Geofoxx

Pet Parrot Helps Solve Burglary-Murder

It’s not a mystery novel, it’s real life. In an article in People, a pet parrot helped detectives and family members figure out who broke into a home and stabbed the dog and woman who lived there. Hercule, the parrot, lives in Agra, India and is the beloved pet of Vijay. In Feb Vijay’s wife and pet dog were found murdered and the police were unsure who burglarized the home until the parrot began lending clues.

Whenever Vijay’s nephew came over, Hercule would screech and become disgruntled. Vijay also noticed that whenever his nephew’s name was mentioned in conversations, the parrot would also become agitated and screech. Vijay contacted the police and let them know of the strange behavior.

Police questioned the nephew. The nephew confessed to the crime and has been arrested.

It’s an amazing story and shows just how smart our pets can be. To read the rest of the story check out the page on People.

Pet Food Retailers Are Pulling Treats From China

Earlier in May, PETCO announced they would stop selling treats made in China in response to the number of dogs who have become ill from eating the treats. It was the first pet store to decide to stop selling the treats but it isn’t the last one.

In an article from TIME, PetSmart has also announced that it will remove the pet treats from its shelves. The article cites that there were over 1,000 deaths that were linked to the dog treats. However, it looks as if this problem has existed for years and it was only the huge spike in 2013 which raised eyebrows.

There has not been any solution or reasons given to why the treats were contaminated or how many products were affected. The two large pet store chains hope to have the China imported jerky treats removed by 2015 from all their stores. For now, if you buy dog treats, check the labels, check where they are from, and keep your receipt in case you need to return them.

To read the rest of the article from TIME, click here.

For the Love of Pets! We Spent $56 Billion On Them Last Year

In an article at Time magazine, it was discovered that we spent about $56 billion on pet care and supplies last year. The figure was collected by the American Pet Products Association which has been tracking spending since the 1990s on pet care products. So, where does the money go? Well, most of it was for pet food that amounted to $22 billion, another $14 billion was spent on vet care, and $13 billion on pet supplies.

What does this mean? It can mean many things from exceptional care on our parts, better products that may cost a little more, and more pet owners. It could mean that companies are creating higher quality products that we buy for our pets, more services like dog daycares are available, or maybe we are being ripped off (joking). In all reality, it means that pet owners are making decisions to adequately care for the pets in their families, to budget and create a comfortable life for the pets, and are being responsible pet owners. But, boy, that amount of money is a lot!

To read the rest of the article, check it out here.