Nighttime Walking Tips

Taking your dog out for a walk at night is a nice way to end a day and the streets tend to be quieter. The weather tends to cool off since the sun is no longer beaming down and you and your buddy can stroll the streets before bed. But since visibility is diminished you will want to make sure that cars, motorcycles, and bicyclists can see you. Also some of the night critters that come out such as raccoons and opossums might distract your dog and you may find your walk has turned into a hunt!

Here’s a few tips to help make the night walk safer:

1: Improve your visibility – collars and leashes that have reflective strips and lights will alert joggers and other people that you’re there. You can also the blinking lights that can be attached to any article of clothing or the collar and leash. This alerts others on the street that you’re walking there and helps prevent others from accidentally getting in your dog’s personal space. It’ll also cut down on unintentionally frightening someone.

2: Use caution – stick to the sidewalks when walking and if there aren’t streetlights, you may want a small flashlight to see where you are going and to avoid tripping over any debris or cracked spots. Be aware of the sounds and movements around you. Leave the headphones home and hold onto your dog’s leash firmer than usual in case a cat or other animal makes your dog want to run. Losing your pup at night can be extremely scary.

3: Carry your cell phone and ID- In case you or your dog ever get injured it’s always good to have a way to immediately contact emergency help and your emergency contact. It’s not that you should be afraid of walking at night but you should be prepped in case something ever does happen. Carrying something such as your driver’s license or other form of ID helps insure that if something ever did happen, you’d be identified and family and friends would be contacted.

Night walks are often peaceful, and the city can feel like a different world with the stars and moon lighting the sidewalks. Enjoy your night walks but be prepared and safe!