Dog Friendly Parks in Jacksonville, Florida

Jacksonville, Florida, has tons of access to great nature and sandy beaches. It also features Dogwood Park, which is always rated as one of the best American dog parks!


Dogwood Park Lake Bow Wow

This is a wonderful choice of a dog park! The entire park is 42 acres, and 25 of those are fenced in. Dogs are allowed off leash in the entire park, making it one of the biggest dog parks of the country. It’s a perfect place if your dog loves the water, because there are separate ponds for large and small dogs, dog showers and warm water baths. Otherwise they can run around on the grass, walk on the trails, dig holes in the sand pile, play frisbee or fetch, or exercise on the agility course. They have waste bags available, and a shop that sells merchandise. They even offer obedience training and puppy kindergarten. They sell daily passes, or yearly passes if you live by Jacksonville.

Paws Park

Paws Park is a free off-leash dog park that is part of Jacksonville Beach. It is a city park that is maintained by volunteers. It features separate grassy areas for large and small dogs, benches for humans, waste bags, and watering bowls. It is closed on Thursdays for maintenance.

Huguenot Memorial Park

This is a beachfront park where you can hang out on the beach or go in the water. There are also opportunities for bird watching, or walking around in nature. Dogs are allowed in the park and on the beach, so long as they are leashed and cleaned up after.

Katheryn Abby Hanna Park Beach

This park is located on the ocean, about 17 miles east of Jacksonville. It takes up 450 acres, and 1.5 miles of sandy beach. The park has facilities for hiking and picnicking; the beach part is a popular place for surfers. Dogs are allowed in the park and on the beach, so long as they are leashed and cleaned up after.

Fort George Island Cultural State Park

This is a wonderful park if you want to check out the nature in Florida and get some exercise. This park has evidence of human occupation for over 5,000 years, ranging from Native Americans to colonists to vacationers. They do offer tours, but there is plenty to explore on your own with your dog. Leashed dogs are allowed in this park throughout its hiking trails, paved roads, parking lots and shorelines.

Dog Parks Around Orlando, Florida


Heading down to Disneyworld or Universal Studios this summer? Many people are, and they often neglect to bring their dogs along. However, keep in mind that in addition to all of these crazy human creation fiascos, there are also several lovely dog parks within the area!

There are several rules you must follow when you take your dog to one of these parks:

For instance, you must be within the fenced premises of these dog parks, and your dogs must be under voice command. Aggressive dogs aren’t allowed, and dogs that show signs of aggression will be asked to leave. You must have access to a leash at all times. Dogs must be leashed upon exiting and entering the dog parks. Dogs must be cleaned up after; bags are provided. Ill dogs and female dogs in heat are prohibited.

Do not bring food, or run within the dog park. Dogs must display all tags and licenses. There may be additional rules based on common sense. Dog owners who do not go along with these rules will be asked to leave.

West Orange Dog Park

This dog park is located in Winter Garden, Florida. It is open from sunrise to sunset. Have a map printed out, because it is a little tricky to find, depending on where you come from. It has separate areas for large and small dogs, time out areas, a dog water fountain, obstacle course, walkway, benches, shade trees, picnic tables, and drinking fountains for humans. It’s a popular park, so make sure you and your dog are social!


Downey Dog Park

This park is located in Orlando, Florida. This dog park is part of a greater park, but isn’t a great place to go when it rains, because it gets muddy. It has separate areas for small and large dogs, time out areas, a dog and human water fountain, benches, picnic tables, shade trees. It gets busy on weekends.

Meadow Woods Dog Park

This park is located in Orlando, Florida, next to Meadow Woods High School. It is a simple and clean dog park. It has separate areas for large and small dogs, and a hose for dog washes. For humans, there is a water fountain, cement walkway and picnic tables. It gets really hot in the summer, due to lack of shade trees.


Barber Park Dog Park

This dog park is located in Orlando, Florida, within the greater Barber Park. It has separate areas for large and small dogs. It is clean and recently built. It has human and dog water fountains, a few pieces of agility equipment, picnic tables, and garbage cans. It doesn’t have the highest ratings because there are no shade trees, and it is near the airport so the planes make a lot of noise.

Barnett Park Dog Park

This dog park is located in Orlando, Florida, directly behind the Central Florida Fairgrounds. This is the newest dog park, but it’s hard to find. You must cross a small foot bridge to enter it. It has a separate area for large and small dogs, as well as some benches.

Dr. Phillips Dog Park

This park is located in Orlando, Florida. It is one of the newest dog parks in the county. Be very careful of poisonous snakes that may enter its premises. This park has a separate area for large and small dogs, with a water fountain in each area. There are some trees, a lakefront view, a cement walkway, picnic tables and garbage cans. It is located near a basketball court and a playground, so it can get a bit noisy.

Dog Friendly Vacationing in Saint Augustine, Florida

St Augustine is the oldest port in the United States, as well as the oldest continuously European occupied established city. It is a small city with a population of about 12,000, so it’s a good alternative if you don’t want to hit up the hustle and bustle of somewhere like Fort Lauderdale or Miami this winter, and still want Florida weather. It has a lot of history attractions, beaches and cultural institutes for such a small place, and so many things to do with your dog!

Ghostly Encounters Walking Tour

These tours are on Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays at 8:00 PM, and go on for an hour and a half. They meet at 3 Orange Street at the City Gate Station. Well-behaved, leashed dogs are allowed to join you for these tours. They go through many creepy, narrow streets in the city, so make sure you and your dog aren’t claustrophobic, even if you are not scared of ghosts! Dogs cannot accompany you in any of the buildings though. It costs $10.

Click here to meet the ghouly guides!


Saint Augustine Light House

Leashed dogs are allowed on the grounds of this pretty lighthouse, which have gardens and walking trails that offer nice views of the building. The lighthouse is over 200 feet in height; dogs and small children cannot climb to the top, but anyone else can.

Saint Augustine Scenic Cruise

The Victory III departs daily from the St Augustine Municipal Marina downtown for 1.5 hour cruises. These cruises have guided narration from the captain. Make sure to check the schedule and rates. Leashed, well-behaved dogs are allowed to join you on this adventure.

Parks and Beaches


Saint Augustine Beach

Most areas on the beach allow dogs, so long as they are leashed and cleaned up after.

Castillo de San Marcos National Monument

This is a 25 acre park that goes along the waterfront. It hosts a historic fort from the Spanish Empire during the 17th century. Dogs are allowed on leash.

Outdoor Restaurants

Carrabba’s Italian Grill

This is an Italian restaurant that makes a lot of food from scratch. Leashed dogs are allowed at outer tables.

Florida Cracker Café

If you’re down for some local Florida culture, this is a good place. They have a patio and well-behaved, leashed dogs are allowed to join you at the outer tables. They offer things like beer, burgers, salads, gator tail, conch fritters, corn bread, oysters, shrimp po’ boys and more. It’s a good place for people who like seafood.