Your Dog Ate What? 2013’s Most Unusual Claims to VPI

Veterinary Pet Insurance (VPI) is a pet insurance company that many pet owners use to help with medical costs. Like our own medical insurance, claims are submitted by pet owners to alleviate the costs of caring for their pets. This past year VPI received some unusual claims of what pets ate out of the 6,700 […]

6 Tips for Buying Pet Insurance

One of the trends for pet owners that has been on the rise is preventative care. Even if these tough economic times, pet owners are budgeting to ensure that their buddies are well cared for and healthy. If you’re thinking about buying pet insurance, here’s a tips that can help you find the company that […]

Alternative to Pet Insurance: Animal Health Alliance

Since the downturn of the economy back in 2008, many people have had to pinch their pennies and watch their spending. This has included the amount of care given to their pets. Pet insurance can seem pricey when you’re watching your budget and have other bills that take precedence like a mortgage, bank loans, or […]

Eat a Beehive? Sure! The 2010 Hambone Award Winner: Ellie

We know dogs explore and chew. They learn about the world using their nose, mouth, eyes, and ears. But what about when they use their mouth too much and end up eating something that is bad for them like a yo-yo or a flip flop? Some of the oddest things that dogs eat make you […]

Pet Insurance: Things to Know

Illnesses can take a huge financial toll on you. Pets receiving medical treatment for various problems can run you thousands. Some owners have pet health insurance but many have never heard of it and others can’t afford to pay it yearly on top of regular expenses, especially now. A typical plan may cost about $300 […]

Pet Health Insurance. Good Idea!


I have to admit, as much as I love animals, when I heard that companies are now offering pet insurance, my first response was “You’ve got to be kidding me!” This was basically the same response I had when I learned there were pet psychiatrist and pet psychics…. But then I thought about it. A […]