2016 Wacky Pet Names

At Pet Insurance, some pets are registered with unique aka wacky names. The top 50 dog and top 50 cat names were compiled and listed on their site. Some of them are funny puns and some are just… well, weird. Here’s a few of the names: Shakes purr Butch Catsidy Ziggy Snowdust Fuzzy Britches Kung […]

Most Popular Puppy Names for 2014

Did you pet’s name make the list? Vetstreet.com has released their top ten list of male and female names for dogs. After combing their database that has about 960,000 names of puppies born in 2014, this year’s top ten has a few new names and some classic ones. Top Male Puppy Names Max Charlie Rocky […]

Fun Names for Traveling Pets

Have a dog or cat that loves to travel with you? Maybe even motivates you to take more trips and explore new places? Well, a name that matches the personality is always great to have… even if it’s a nickname. If you have a pet that gets very excited when you two get in the […]

Top Pet Names of 2011

Banfield Pet Hospital released their tally of the top pet names for 2011. They went through their database, which includes over 700 hospitals, and the results are in! Dog names are trending towards more human names such as Max and cats are sticking with more traditional names such as Tiger. There are still some of […]

Great Name Combos for Two Pets In One House

When I got my two cats 14 years ago I wanted to give them names that paired well. My first inclination was to name them Franny and Zooey. But after a few days of watching them and getting to know them, those names didn’t fit. However, having names that pair well together can be fun. […]

2011 Wacky Pet Names

Each year VPI, Veterinary Pet Insurance Company, compiles a list of the wackiest pet names they have heard of from their clients. This year’s list is full of fun puns, personality defects, and kooky names taken from books, movies, and sci-fi shows. The company picks the top 50 dog names and top 50 cat names. […]

What’s In A Name? Star Wars and Star Trek Pet Names

I know some dogs and cats have fun names, wacky names, and obscure names. Pets are named after characters from a fav show, story, or movie and it can reflect an interest that the owner has. Some pets have human names too. I’ve had cats named after baseball players, musicians, and scientists. My two cats […]

40 Popular Pet Names

Naming your pet might seem like a simple task but as time goes on and you learn the personality of your new pet, the name doesn’t always seem to fit. I had written about some of the funky names I’ve heard in my time working with animals a few months back. If you’re thinking of […]