British Parliament Decides to Not Adopt A Cat

Earlier this year, a story from the UK floated around the internet about the British House of Commons thinking about getting a cat. The reasoning was that it would help deter the pests that run around on the grounds. However, the decision to get a cat was denied for several reasons but probably the cutest […]

More and More Domestic Violence Shelters are Taking in Pets

In an article from DailyMail, the story of a woman who left her husband with her children and pet rings true to the fact that none of NYC’s 50 domestic violent shelters accepted pets. Now, months later, this woman and her pet have been reunited because a shelter in NYC has finally opened its doors […]

Doing Your Taxes? Don’t Forget to Deduct Your Foster Pet!

Tax season is here. Some of us will get a refund and others of us will owe money. Before you find a reason to procrastinate doing your taxes, think about this for a minute: You can write off the money spent on the dog or cat you fostered this year. Yup, you read that correctly. […]

Your Dog Ate What? 2013’s Most Unusual Claims to VPI

Veterinary Pet Insurance (VPI) is a pet insurance company that many pet owners use to help with medical costs. Like our own medical insurance, claims are submitted by pet owners to alleviate the costs of caring for their pets. This past year VPI received some unusual claims of what pets ate out of the 6,700 […]

Do Dogs Need Clothes?

Some of my friends have dogs that are fluffy and don’t wear sweaters or rain coats during the winter and some other friends of mine dress their dogs in everything from vests to seat jackets and little hats. I’ve also heard friends talk about how the pet product industry markets in a certain way to […]

Edmund the Kitten

A kitten was saved by a couple off Interstate 5 near Salem, Oregon in December. They were driving on the highway when they saw and SUV ahead of them toss something out the window. The couple stopped their car and saw a kitten lying in the road. Acting quickly, they picked up the little gray […]

The Coolest Animals of the Macy’s Thanksgiving Parade 2013

I was thinking a few days about people who tell me they aren’t “animal people.” I understand not being a “pet person” and not wanting that responsibility or feeling that type of affection towards an animal. But to not be an animal person seems hard to swallow for me because, simply, we are surrounded by […]

Cats Adopt Human Habits

This article in Discovery News is a few months old but made me sit back and think about the habits I have that my cats also seem to have. I can validate that one of my cats has a habit of walking into the litter box when I’m in the bathroom, regardless if I’m brushing […]

Jerky Treats Linked To Illness in Pets

The FDA is looking into a recent outbreak of illnesses that are connected to jerky treats. There’s been almost 600 deaths and over 3,000 illnesses since 2007 from treats made from chicken, duck, sweet potatoes and other ingredients. The treats are made in China and it’s unclear what other ingredients might be in the treats. […]

Car Safety: Subaru and Center for Pet Safety Test Harnesses

A while back, we wrote about Subaru teaming up with the Center for Pet Safety to see what is needed to create the safest ride for dogs in cars. The harnesses sold by pet stores currently proved to be less effective than we’ve all been led to believe. Now, in the weeks that have passed, […]

Jerky Treats Linked to Pet Illnesses

The FDA is looking into a recent outbreak of illnesses that are connected to jerky treats. There’s been almost 600 deaths and over 3,000 illnesses since 2007 from treats made from chicken, duck, sweet potatoes and other ingredients. The treats are made in China and it’s unclear what other ingredients might be in the treats. […]

Healing Paws Program Brings Pets To The Hospital

An article in USA Today has brought to light what many of us pet owners have known for a long time: pets can help us heal. They may not be able to prescribe medication or give us solutions to problems we are facing, but by simply being there and allowing us to pet them, giving […]

Iams & Eukanuba – Voluntary Recall of Food

This past August, Proctor and Gamble did a voluntary recall of several brands of their dog and cat food due to them potentially being contaminated with Salmonella. The food was distributed across the US to various pet stores grocery stores. It’s estimated that they are about .1% of the total annual production of food created […]

Health 101: Pets Are Good for Our Hearts

An article released recently by U.S. News has proven what many of us pet owners have always known, pets are good for our hearts. We know they relieve stress, can remind us to “stay present,” and can make us smile in our darkest moments with their wagging tails and loving eyes. An official statement released […]

Who did it? Dog Poo Identifies Owners

In an article on ABC’s website, it seems the problem of dog waste is being addressed in a way that goes beyond the signs we see that read, “Pick up after you dog” with a fine attached that ranges anywhere from a few bucks to hundreds. A company called PooPrints West has decided to hold […]

AVMA’s Sourcebook: Top Pet Owning States

The American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA) released its U.S. Pet Ownership & Demographics Source book, revealing which states have the largest number of pet owners and which have the fewest. The information comes from a survey that the AVMA conducts every 5 years and includes breakdowns of pet ownership by state with the last survey […]

Cat Sanctuary in Rome Facing Eviction

My aunt told me when she traveled around Italy years ago she had seen cats in Rome, at the ruins, sitting around. She said it was surreal. She turned and saw one cat, then slowly as dusk set in more and more cats appeared among the ruins not too far from where it is believed […]

Take Your Dog To Work Day: June 22, 2012

Have a dog? Have a job? Whew, good for you. Celebrate these two facts by taking your dog to work on Friday June 22. Check with your company to see if they are participating in the event and will allow you to bring your pup before Friday. This is an annual worldwide event that was […]

NY: Senate Passes a Bill To Improve Pet Store Animals

Earlier this week the New York Senate passed a bill that will ensure that the health and safety of animals sold in pet stores is monitored and anti-cruelty laws will be enforced. This is a great win for those who have been lobbying for stronger anti-cruelty laws and the welfare of animals. Many pets purchased […]

L.A. County Allows Dogs On Patios

Dogs are now allowed to sit at the outdoor patios of restaurants (as long as the restaurant allows it) as well as being allowed to hang out with their owners at the sidewalk tables. The old rules banned dogs from outdoor patios enclosed by a fence or rail. This is great news for pet owners […]