New Victory Against Puppy Mills

On September 10, 2013, the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) passed a new rule that includes those who sell animals online under the regulatory umbrella of the Animal Welfare Act. This is a huge victory for those who fight to expose and stop puppy mills and puppy farms from selling, breeding, and treating animals like goods.

This means that USDA inspectors will now begin looking at businesses or breeders who sell online or advertise their puppies for sale online via internet sites (their own or 3rd party sites like Craigslist). The Animal Welfare Act was signed in law in 1966 and since that time has had several amendments added as the sales and care of animals have changed with the passing decades. This newest addition of adding online/internet breeders is a huge victory.

The latest changes mean that anyone who breeds more than four females and sells puppies online, by mail, or any form of communication that is not face to face will be held to the same oversight as wholesale breeders. Until now, online breeders have been able to operate under the radar and not bother having licenses, inspections, or even location known. Now, buyers and USDA inspectors will be able to view and meet the pets before buying them.

The rules are targeted to dog breeders but could affect those who breed other animals too such as cat and rabbit breeders. It also protects the buyer to ensure they are purchasing a healthy, well-cared for pet and see the facilities and personality of the parents. According to the article in the Huffington Post, it’s estimated that up to 4,640 dog breeders could be affected as well as 325 cat breeders and up to 75 rabbit breeders.

There are mixed reactions to the new rule. Some contest it might be too broad, hobby breeders are expressing fear that they will be negatively affected, and terminology is being questioned. The other side is counting this as a huge victory towards fighting puppy mills, stating that hobby breeders won’t be affected and those who need to buy a license will be able to do so.

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New San Diego Law Bans Selling Pets In Pet Stores

According to an article published by Scoop San Diego, the ordinance to ban the sale of pets in pet stores has finally passed. This makes San Diego the 33rd city in the nation and 13th city in California to have this law. You might be asking why this is important or what exactly this means.

Pets in pet stores that are “for sale” will no longer be allowed in San Diego. This means that there is another city that will not be selling puppies and kittens that may come from puppy mills and puppy farms. If there are any animals available in the pet stores in San Diego they will be animals that are adoptable from local rescue groups and shelters. It is another loud and clear message that animals are a good to be bought and sold like an electronic.

This ordinance does not punish nor should it hurt the responsible breeders who sell their pets to people. Breeders do sell their pets to pet stores. A responsible breeder interviews the household interested in adopting one of their puppies or kittens and has contracts for the new owners to sign as well as certain periods of time when they do not have any pets available.

“The passing of this ordinance is a very important step forward for animals that are sourced from puppy mills and other large-scale, irresponsible, commercial breeding sources,” said Gary Weitzman, president and CEO of the San Diego Humane Society and SPCA.

Puppy mills often have pets in crammed spaces, dirty and unkempt cages, and do not exercise or feed high quality diets to the pets. They are often left alone without much human interaction and then are transported to various pet stores in trucks where they may be stacked on top of each other in cages. This means that urine and feces may fall from cage to cage and the pets are often dirty, scared, and have gone without food and water for a period of time. Sometimes in extreme cases, some of the pets die in transport to the stores.

Once at the stores, the pets often are clean, fed, and look to be having fun. They probably are and many times the people working the stores do love them pets. It’s not the the workers you see who may be the ones making the contractual agreements to sell puppies, it their company’s decision, whomever that may be. The pets in the stores, however, may not have seen a vet yet and may need to be de-wormed, vaccinated, and also be inbred. It’s not uncommon to buy a purebred dog and once it’s grown up, the physical markings or size are not within the AKC’s standards or the dog may have some physical problems that are common with the breed or over-breeding.

Check out this earlier Petswelcome article to learn more about puppy mills, and don’t forget to take the pledge on that page!

Image from Scoop San Diego

Pet Stores and Services Around Manchester, New Hampshire

Manchester, New Hampshire, and its surrounding area, is full of wonderful pet stores, along with many different boarding and grooming businesses. There are ample shopping opportunities for all sorts of pets, as well as grooming and boarding for cats and dogs.

Dave’s Dragons

Dave’s Dragons is a reptile and exotic pet store. Along with an great selection of reptiles and amphibians, they carry rats, mice, chinchillas and fish. Anyone who already has these animals and is looking for the appropriate supplies can buy them at Dave’s, like lighting, bedding, backgrounds, live plants, heating and live and frozen feeder animals.

Bill’s Pet and Aquarium

Bill’s Pet and Aquarium is a small shop that sells a few different types of pets, like puppies, kittens, birds, fish, small animals and reptiles. They also stock supplies for such creatures.

Absolutely Furfect

Absolutely Furfect is a dog grooming salon that has fancy specialties like spa music and massage bath. They provide services like ear grooming, nail trimming, nail painting, hair coloring, hair cutting, teeth brushing, shampooing and conditioning. They sell a few dog accessories at this salon, like collars, toys and coats.

All Dogs Gym & Inn

The All Dogs Gym & Inn is a huge indoor facility of over 25,000 square feet, where dogs can be trained or get involved in assorted activities. This place features a large grooming space, doggie daycare, kennels, a training arena and a school for people to learn how to groom and care for dogs professionally.

Sendaishi Pet Resort

The Sendaishi Pet Resort is a dog resort that encompasses over 60 acres of country land on the outskirts of Manchester. They also offer some dog classes like handling, obedience and even some sledding events.

Jan Waldo’s Grooming Boutique & Bed Inn Bath

Jan Waldo’s is located in Hookset, New Hampshire, and is a local business that has been open over 30 years. Along with professional grooming and bathing, they offer dog boarding that features soft bedding, a fenced yard for play and climate control.

Hollywood Hounds Pet Spa

Hollywood Hounds is located in Bedford, New Hampshire. They provide grooming for cats and dogs, with specialized practices like deskunking, hydrosurge, hand scissoring, hand stripping, nail trimming and custom cuts.

Bird Supply of New Hampshire

The Bird Supply of New Hampshire is full of quality products from around the world, such as feed, vitamins, supplements, disinfectants, toys, cages and more. They are located in Nashua, New Hampshire, and those who make it out to shop here will be treated with in-store specials.

Pet Stores and Services Around Ottawa, Ontario

Ottawa, Ontario, sure isn’t short of pet stores and services! There are many different options to shop for holistic and healthy pet foods, as well as specialty businesses for things like aquariums, grooming and training.

Bark & Fitz

Bark & Fitz is a Canadian chain store that sells all types of holistic and healthy foods for dogs, and there is one store in Ottawa. Aside from foods, they also sell gear, treats, toys and gifts. These stores even have bakeries that bake dog biscuits from human-grade ingredients.

The Pampered Pet

The Pampered Pet sells healthy foods for pets, such as a full line of raw diets for cats and dogs. They also have grooming facilities, and sell assorted pets, like birds, small animals, fish and reptiles. The Pampered Pet has cats that hang out in the store while customers shop.

Natural Pet Foods

Natural Pet Foods has one of its locations in Westboro Village, Ottawa. They are a family business that sells cat and dog items without any animal by-products, chemical preservatives or artificial coloring or flavoring. They look for unique items to put in their stock, and support local artisans. This store also offers grooming. There are also dog training sessions, for puppies, basic and advanced levels.

Critter Jungle

Critter Jungle is yet another Ottawa option to shop for natural and holistic pet foods and other products. They sell things not only for cats and dogs, but also for birds, reptiles, small animals and fish.

Wag Pet Shop

Wag Pet Shop describes itself as “a posh shop for spoiled pets.” They host social events for dogs and their owners, like puppy parties and Greyhound gatherings, along with other interesting special events, like educational seminars. This place also has a great selection of top-quality pet foods.


Marinescape is a saltwater aquarium store that sells many necessary products for home ecosystems.

Best Friends Dog Training

Best Friends Dog Training offers a wide array of dog classes, such as puppy kindergarten, different levels of obedience, scent, agility, tricks and more.

Dawn of a New Day

Dawn of a New Day is a lovely salon for dog and cat grooming and styling in downtown Ottawa. They also sell some retail products for shoppers, like stain removal kits, boots for dogs, tooth and oral care, bio-degradable waste bags and other interesting items.

Pet Stores Around Boulder, Colorado

Boulder, Colorado, has no shortage of local pet stores. Many of them sell the best-quality food for cats and dogs, and others have a wide selection of aquarium fish and other creatures.

Only Natural Pet Store

The Only Natural Pet Store claims to have to largest selection of natural pet supplies in Boulder. In addition to pet foods, they carry a number of holistic remedies, vitamins and supplements for health or for special conditions pets may have. There is also a variety of treats, whether baked or made out of meat. Their pet supplies section includes collars, leashes, cat furniture, outdoor gear, eco-friendly hard goods, toys and beds.

Aqua Imports

Aqua Imports is full of supplies for fish, corals, dogs, cats and reptiles. They can provide aquarium services for the Boulder/Denver metro area. Their livestock section is complete with freshwater and saltwater fish, along with invertebrates, reptiles and amphibians.

Whole Pets

Whole Pets is a store that offers healthy, natural foods for pets like cats, dogs and small animals. These foods are wholesome, and free of preservactives and by-products. This store also sells organic pet treats, beds, collars, leashes and toys.

Farfel’s Farm

Farfel’s Farm is a retail store on Pearl Street in Boulder that sells a variety of items for dogs and cats, such as dog-breed specific products, toys, bowls, leashes, collars, treats and products made right in town. They also have an on-site photography studio where they can take pictures of pets.

PCs Pantry for Dogs and Cats

PCs Pantry for Dogs and Cats has a bakery that bakes fresh pet biscuits daily, and cats and dogs are allowed to come in and pick out a treat. They have various flavors, like cheese, pumpkin, graham cracker and mint. Their pet deli bakes meat biscuits and meat loaves daily as well. If it is your dog’s birthday, they can also bake “Barkday Cakes,” flavored like liver, chicken, turkey, salmon or beef. This store also sells gifts for humans and pets, pet food and practical supplies like bowls and leashes.

Dog City LLC

Dog City is mainly a dog daycare and overnight boarding service business. Their facilities are cageless and supervised by trained staff. This place also provides grooming services, that can include shampooing, nail clipping, ear cleaning and blow drying. They have some other services like dog walking and occasional training programs. The retail part of Dog City sells premium foods, collars and leashes.

Pet Stores Around Albuquerque, New Mexico

Albuquerque, New Mexico, has a wide selection of interesting local pet stores to shop at, whether you are looking to buy corals, shampoo your dog or have a custom pet door installed at your home!

Clark’s Pet Emporium

Clark’s Pet Emporium has been around Albuquerque for over 30 years, and has two open locations. They sell premium, name-brand cat and dog foods, along with cat and dog care products, like shampoos, beds, first aid supplies, collars and leashes. Clark’s Pet Emporium also offers a variety of fish, along with aquariums, pond plants and maintenance items. This store also sells birds, reptiles, small animals and an array of food and supplies for all these beloved pets.

Fish n Critters

Fish n Critters has been in the area since 1976, and they sell fish, reptiles, small animals and birds of all kinds. They provide supplies for their prospective animals, and can do some maintenance for aquariums and ponds.

Critters Pet Store

Critters Pet Store is a full-service pet shop that sells a variety of pets. Some of the more interesting ones include sugar gliders, hedgehogs and turtles. They also sell food and pet supplies like bowls for every type of animal, pet bedding, cages, lights, toys and treats.

Pet Vet Market

The Pet Vet Market has a do-it-yourself dog wash, that has set up professional tubs and a selection of fancy shampoos. The price for this service depends on the size of the dog. They also sell pet food, flea/tick treatments, treats and grooming supplies.

Southwest Reef Company

The Southwest Reef Company is a very developed aquarium store, and they sell useful gadgets like propeller pumps, as well as very specific lighting bulbs and fixtures. This store also has interesting creatures for sale, ranging from fish to corals to seahorses.

Long Leash on Life

Long Leash on Life has lots of resources for providing healthy lives to cats and dogs. They sell foods that can be raw, dehydrated, freeze-dried, holistic, natural, organic and/or refrigerated. There is also a wide selection of pet supplements, as well as products like collars, leashes, toys, bowls, gifts, grooming supplies, treats, gifts and training equipment. This store also sometimes puts on special events.

Doggie Door Door Company

The Doggie Door Door Company offers pet door sales and installations. They can build these pet doors into all sorts of surfaces and different types of entrances, be it French doors or windows. In addition to doors, they also carry beds, doormats, leashes, harnesses, collars, travel gear and safety equipment for pets.

Pet Stores and Services in Omaha, Nebraska

Omaha, Nebraska, has lots of local resources for dog grooming, natural pet foods, pet bakeries and boutiques.


Pets-R-Us is a full pet store in Rockport Village that sells some pets and offers dog grooming.

Tully’s Kennels

Tully’s Kennels is a business that offers boarding. Their rates depending on the size of the dog, and they have set up individual indoor/outdoor accommodations with climate control.

Clearview Pet Care Centre

Clearview Pet Care Centre has been providing pet services over 45 years, and currently has over 20 employees. They offer pet lodging for dogs and cats, as well as a pet spa that can do shampoos, trims, cuts, flea treatments, skin care, moisturizing treatments and more.

Just Dogs Gourmet

Just Dogs Gourmet is a franchise with a location in Omaha. Their bakery offers hand-cut, all-natural dog treats of all flavors and sizes.

Three Dog Bakery

Three Dog Bakery is a chain that provides healthy, tasty food and treats for dogs without any wheat, corn or soy. They cook adult and puppy formulas, as well as foods for dogs with meat allergies.

Nature Dog

Nature Dog provides premium food for dogs and cats, without any ingredients that are bad for their health. They also carry treats for cats and dogs, as well as unique toys, collars, leashes and other pet accessories. A wide range of supplements are also sold at this store.

Reef Tectonics

Reef Tectonics is a company that performs full-service aquarium installation and maitenence for homes and businesses.

Fish Freaks Cichlids

Fish Freaks Cichlids provides the largest selection of cichlids in the Omaha metropolitan area. They have been breeding all sorts of cichlids for years, like Lake Tanganyika and Lake Malawi. This place also sells aquarium supplies, drygoods, fish foods, breeding supplies and other fish-related products.

Long Dog Fat Cat

Long Dog Fat Cat is a store full of natural and organic dog and cat foods. They also sell treats, toys, shampoos, conditioners, skin care supplies, coat care supplies, digestive solutions, dental care products, odor/stain removers and pet art.

Luxe Pet Boutique

Luxe Pet Boutique is the local destination for pampered cats and dogs in Elkhorn, Nebraska. They have a grooming salon with a Zen atmosphere and state-of-the-art equipment. There are no kennels, and they do all of the drying by hand. This place also offers group classes, private training and one-time seminars to help train dogs.

Pet Stores and Services Around Saint Petersburg, Florida

Saint Petersburg, Florida, is a city full of many different cute dog boutiques and salons. There are also stores that sell products for all sorts of animals, and other ones centered around aquariums.

Doggy Doos Pet Salon & Boutique

This place is a grooming salon that also sells natural dog foods, organic treats, cute dog beds and other special products.

Animal House

The Animal House Pet Centers has two locations in Saint Petersburg. Both of these businesses are locally and family owned, and are nevertheless huge pet stores. They sell food and supplies for cats, dogs, birds, small animals and reptiles. Both stores sell tropical fish and supplies, and the 34th street location also sells freshwater fish; the 34th street store also offers dog grooming. Both locations sell a variety of feeder animals, such as fish, crickets, mealworms and rodents.

Pawsitively Posh Pooch

Pawsitively Posh Pooch is an interesting and indulgent dog and cat boutique. They carry clothing for dogs that is meant to resemble Chanel’s Closet, from plaid to lace. This place even offers a Yappy Hour event each Thursday evening, with wine and fancy, organic snacks and treats. One section of the Pawsitively Posh Pooch is the Parisian Bistro, which sells  several healthy treats and snacks for cats and dogs. This boutique also has a grooming salon that uses top-quality products, and offers things like aromatherapy cologne, nail trimming and blow drying. They can also host dog birthday parties.

Rockin’ Reef

Rockin’ Reef is mostly centered around live rock, but they also carry fish, invertebrates and corals for personal aquariums. This store also sells products for such marine ecosystems, like fish food, pumps and plant care.

Orvee’s Pet Center

Orvee’s Pet Center is a retail shop and dog grooming salon. They sell natural and holistic pet foods, along with small animals, fish and reptiles.

Bath & Biscuit Pet Boutique

The Bath & Biscuit Pet Boutique has a few expert stylists that groom all sorts of dogs, and can also provide specialty services like facial scrubs and dental packages. They sell name-brand dog foods, along with delicious iced treats, bulk treats and dog birthday cakes.

One Lucky Dog

One Lucky Dog is a unique dog boutique that strives to be the most “extensive and upbeat” one in the Tampa Bay area.

Their boutique section sells specialty beds, feeders, leashes, collars, toys, shampoos and carrying cases. They also sell holistic dog foods, as well as natural, locally baked cat and dog treats. This business also has a grooming salon that offers different rates for different breeds of dogs.

Pet Stores Around Lafayette, Louisiana

Lafayette, Louisiana, is apparently a hot spot for locally-owned pet services, stores and boutiques. There are some general stores that cater to all types of pets, as well as some luxury dog boarding hotels, grooming salons and aquarium specialty stores.

Pets Unlimited

Pets Unlimited is a locally-owned shop that has been in the area for over 10 years. They carry a bunch of different supplies for cats, dogs, birds, freshwater fish, saltwater fish, reptiles and small animals. This store also sells a variety of pets, and can perform custom aquarium installation service.

Reef World

Reef World is a store for saltwater fish, corals and invertebrates. They sell all sorts of necessities for domestic ecosystems, and offer some maintenance services.

Woofs ‘N Whiskers

Woofs ‘N Whiskers is a business that offers dog grooming, boarding and daycare. Their boarding facilities have individual sleeping quarters, separated premises for large and small dogs, fenced-in outdoor play areas, beds, blankets, toys and climate control. They feed pets individually, and play music for their enjoyment. They can also board cats in a separate area. This place can also provide daycare for days or weeks at a time. Their grooming salon offers hand scissoring, de-matting, hand brushing, facials and more!

Tropical fish tank - Creative commons photo by cliff1066 via Flickr

Tropical Fish Bowl

Tropical Fish Bowl has been operating since 1979, and sells supplies for all sorts of tanks and ponds. This local store carries freshwater fish, saltwater fish, live coral, sand and rock. They add new fish each week, as well as sell necessary supplies, like pumps, sterilizers, filters and skimmers. Their staff provides assorted services, such as design, installation and maintenance for different types of aquariums and ponds.

Pampered Paws

Pampered Paws is a family-owned and operated establishment that offers grooming services for cats and dogs, as well as pet-sitting and daycare. They also sell a variety of fancy pet products, stylish apparel and accessories.

A Doggies Bag Boutique

A Doggies Bag Boutique is located in New Iberia, Louisiana. They sell little dog beds and other fancy puppy items, and also offer grooming services for dogs.

Happy Dog Hotel

The Happy Dog Hotel is located in Carencro, Louisiana, and is a luxury boarding spot for dogs and cats. Pets are supervised by trained staff, and pets sleep in luxury suites with climate control.

Pet Stores Around Salinas, California

Lots of great chain and local pet stores are in business around Salinas, California. Shoppers have several options to buy premium cat and dog food, aquarium supplies or pet travel accessories. There is also a dog boarding ranch!

Pet Fun at Harden Ranch Plaza

Pet Fun is a big discount pet store that has had over 30 years of experience. They claim to have the biggest selection of pet food and products in Salinas. This store carries aquariums and fish supplies, as well as products for birds, small animals, reptiles, amphibians, cats and dogs. They also sell books and gifts for pet owners.

Highway 68 Pets

Highway 68 Pets a local, family-owned store that provides wholesome food for cats and dogs. They cater to pets’ diets that are raw, grain-free and natural. This store also sells healthy treats, supplements, bathing products and toys.

Happy Dog Food

Happy Dog Food is a store that sells premium dog foods without any artificial preservatives, flavors, filler or coloring. Their foods are natural, have lots of enzymes and are fully digestible.

Oceans Above

Oceans Above is full of assorted fish, aquariums, fish tanks and aquarium systems. They can assist their customers with their freshwater and saltwater tanks. Some things this store carries include rocks, sand, decorations, filters, conditioners, medications, gravel and protein skimmers.

Dogwood Ranch Pet Resort

The Dogwood Ranch Pet Resort is a dog hotel and recreation center  situated located on almost three acres. This resort features a wide-open private dog park, community play areas and comfy overnight rooms. They have a separate area for smaller dogs, and can also board cats. Dogs can also be groomed by professional groomers before they are picked up by their owners.

Posh Pets

Located in Pacific Grove, California, Posh Pets is full of natural pet foods and treats, plush pet beds, fancy collars, stylish leashes and toys for cats, dogs and rabbits. They also sell gifts for animals and people. This store is also involved in activities like vaccination clinics and adoption events.

Diggity Dog

Diggity Dog is a boutique for cats and dogs in Carmel, California. They carry items like pet clothing, beds, bones, bowls, baked goods and toys. They also sell travel accessories like pet carriers and different car seats.

Pet Food Express

Pet Food Express is a chain store that has a location in Carmel. They sell lots of different pet foods and accessories, and also network for pet adoptions.