Pet Stores and Services Around Reno, Nevada

Reno, Nevada, is the home of many local dog and cat businesses that offer grooming, boarding, sitting and other services. There are also a number of retail stores that sell premium foods and cute accessories.

Pet Playhouse

The Pet Playhouse is a doggy daycare haven! They have luxury suites and condos for private boarding, along with large, clean healthy rooms, supervised outdoor dog play space, as well as dog products for sale. They also do some grooming services, like shaving, bathing, nail trimming, conditioning, nail painting, shampooing, drying and massaging. They also have a slumber party service with 24 hour supervision.

Scraps Dog Company

Scraps Dog Company is a store full of natural food for dogs, free from by-products, corn, wheat, soy and other low-quality fillers. They are free of artificial colors or preservatives. They also sell some novelties, like interactive toys and stuffing treats, as well as apparel like collars, leashes, outerwear clothing, harnesses, tiaras and charms. Their inventory also consists of dog chews and hygiene products. They even have a dog treat bakery!

Pet Chef Express

Pet Chef Express is largely focused on premium dog and cat foods which are 100% natural. They can give free samples to pets upon request, and offer free home delivery. They also offer dried and canned foods for dogs and cats. Pet Chef Express sells a variety of treats and supplies, such as biscuits, chews and bones for dogs, cat treats, food enhancers, cat litter, toys, nutritional supplements and stain/odor removers.

Healthy Tails

Healthy Tails has a location in Reno and one in Las Vegas. They specialize in products for dogs and cats. They offer holistic food and supplements, travel equipment, beds, bowls, collars, leashes and more!

Dog’s Day Out Pet Salon

Dog’s Day Out Pet Salon does grooming for all breeds of dogs and cats. They also have boarding facilities.

A Doggie’s Dream

A Doggie’s Dream is a dog boarding, daycare, grooming and boutique. Their backyard has a sandy doggy beach play area. They also have separated large and small dog indoor facilities that are always supervised. They also offer cat grooming.

McVays Waggins West Pet Sitters

This pet sitting service watches pets while their owners are away on vacation or business trips. They are based out of Fernley, Nevada.

Pet Stores in Durham, North Carolina

Durham, North Carolina, has a bunch of wonderful local pet stores and boutiques. Some of them specialize in birds or fish, while others offer extensive dog grooming, and others are devoted to letting dogs play outdoors while boarding.

Barnes Supply Co

Barnes Supply Co has been around the Durham area since 1953. They sell lots of premium pet foods, along with a wide variety of pet products, including things like beds, kennels, dog and cat houses, organic hemp collars, chains, halters, chews, bones, herbal remedies, whole food supplements, accident supplies, ointment, shampoos, conditioners, nail care products, toys and frisbees. They also carry feed for livestock, along with gardening supplies.

Sunny Acres Pet Resort

Sunny Acres Pet Resort is situated on 14 fenced-in acres just outside the Durham city limits.

These fields have lots of toys, balls and wading pools and are supervised by an experienced staff. The managers are certified by the Red Cross in Pet First Aid and CPR. Indoors, the buildings have air purifiers and constant surveillance. They also offer several training programs, like puppy classes, starter classes, manners classes and private training. They also offer basic and full-service grooming services.

Triangle Tropical Fish

Triangle Tropical Fish sells lots of saltwater and freshwater livestock. They carry a wide variety of corals and inverts. In terms of supplies, they sell protein skimmers, dry foods, live foods, frozen foods, chemicals, filters, tanks and lighting.

Birdie Boutique

Birdie Boutique specializes in bird products, and sells things like cooked foods, treats, beak conditioners, misters, pellets, toys, ropes, perches, nesting boxes, cages, stands, carriers, seeds and more.

For bird owners, they sell things like books, DVDs, harnesses and leashes, CDs and tapes about bird care. They also sell a variety of bird-related gifts like pens, picture frames, bobble heads and prints.

Ooh La La Pet Spa

This grooming center offers services for cats and dogs, and the price depends on the size, breed and coat condition of your pet. They offer full service grooming, along with toe grinding, tooth brushing, deshedding, dematting, hand scissoring and nail polishing. They also sell some fun products like toys, collars, pet clothing and basic grooming supplies.


Phydeaux is an independent, locally owned pet store in Chapel Hill, North Carolina. They sell all sorts of products for cats, dogs, birds and small animals. Some of their products include premium and raw foods, crates, leashes (for dogs and cats), training supplies, supplements and treats.

Pet Stores in Salem, Oregon

Salem, Oregon has an array of interesting small pet businesses. Most of them are centered around dogs, but there are also some resources for cats and other domestic animals.

Sebastian’s Healthy Pet Food & Supply

This store has been open since 1993, and they sell all sorts of premium cat and dog foods, along with nail trimmers, toys, dental hygiene products, flea products and more.

Yuppy Puppy

Yuppy Puppy is located in Salem’s historic Reed Opera House. It is a new store that opened in 2008, and is dedicated to providing dogs with many options of fashion and design. They claim to catch the trends in all of the major fashion centers in the world to bring straight to the dogs.

If your dog is festive, they have all sorts of different clothing for holidays, including Christmas, Valentine’s, St Patricks, Mother’s Day and Father’s Day. They also carry a wide range of different types of dog clothes, like coats, sweaters, hoodies, pants and bikinis. Apart from clothes, they also carry luxurious dog toys, harnesses, leashes, collars, carriers and travel accessories.

Coral Reef Pet Center

The Coral Reef Pet Center sells all sorts of saltwater fish, corals and anonemoes. Some of their featured products include clams, yellowtort, jawfish and zoanthid polyps.

Pet Etc

Pet Etc is a locally owned store that sells all sorts of pet food, treats and supplies.  They also sell many accessories, carriers and health products.

Salem Friends of Felines

Salem Friends of Felines is not exactly a pet store, but is a thirft store and cat shelter. The thrift store is meant to raise money to help out the cats. They mostly sell clothing and household goods.

Everything Pawsable

Everything Pawsable is a dog training center, where they do puppy classes, obedience classes and therapy dog certification. They also sell some dog gifts, foods and supplies.

Pet Village Ltd

Pet Village has been providing pet boarding facilities ever since 1974. They also offer training services, like obedience classes, private lessons, puppy kindergarten and guard and protection classes.

Affordable Pet Grooming

Affordable Pet Grooming has services for all breeds and sizes. They can do baths, cuts, nails and other services for dogs. They also do boarding.

Pet Stores in Bellingham, Washington

Bellingham, Washington, has a selection of a few nice local and chain pet stores. There are also a few places to choose from if you want to get your dog groomed, as well as a place to buy baby chickens or ducks.

Pet Stop

Pet Stop is a locally owned pet shop that has been in action since 1993. They claim to have the largest selection of premium and ultra premium pet food brands in Western Washington. Apart from food, they also sell other assorted products, like flea control, toys and cleaning supplies.

HOHL Feed and Seed

HOHL Feed and Seed is a garden and pet supply store. For dogs, they sell food, treats, toys and grooming products. For cats, they have a selection of carriers, scratching posts, food, treats and toys. They sell some small animal feed and cages, as well as some bird cages and bird food. For wild animals, they sell feed for outdoor birds, squirrels and deer. There is also a selection of some poultry food and products.

They even sell baby chicks and ducklings!


Petco is a large pet store that has a location in Bellingham. They sell supplies and food for cats, dogs, fish, live rock, small animals, reptiles, amphibians, caged birds, wild birds and more. This individual location offers dog training, full-service grooming, self-service dog wash, pet photography, DNA breed testing and low-cost vaccination packages.

Bailey’s Bath House

Bailey’s Bath House is a local grooming salon for dogs.

City Dogs Grooming

City Dogs Grooming is another local grooming salon that serves all breeds of dogs. The staff can also work with elderly and behaviorally challenged dogs. Appointments are necessary.

Pet Lifeforms

Pet Lifeforms is a breeder and supplier of assorted live reptiles, amphibians and other exotic animals. Some animals they have include dart frogs, skinks, mountain horned dragons and tortoises. They have a nice supply of habitats for such animals, such as different types of terrariums and vivariums that mock all sorts of atmospheres from desert to tropical. They also sell things like supplies, feeder insects and more.

Their website also has valuable resources, with care sheets and other articles about these unique creatures.


This giant chain store has a location in Bellingham. They sell food and products for dogs, cats, caged birds, wild birds, fish, reptiles and small animals. This particular location also has a grooming salon.

Pet Stores Around Harrisburg, Pennsylvania

If you are headed to Pennsylvania’s state capital, or if you’re around Hershey, be sure to stop by one of these pet stores during your vacation. Some sell specialty foods, some offer grooming services and others offer aquarium supplies.

Abrams & Weakley General Store For Animals

This pet store has been in operation since 1985. They sell all sorts of “high quality, human grade, holistic and nutritious” treats, supplements and foods for pets. They can also give nutritional advice to pet owners, and perform pet grooming services. They are also involved in some events.


Superpetz is a “Pet Owners Warehouse” that has a location in Harrisburg. They hold an inventory of over 10,000 pet products with reasonable pricing.

My Dog Needs Help

This organization offers dog obedience lessons and behavior training,  both in one-on-one sessions and in group classes. Some things they work on include aggression, shy behavior, housebreaking, barking, jumping and commands. They can work with puppies and adult dogs.

Precious Paws Pet Grooming

This is a grooming salon and boarding center for all sorts of dogs and cats. Some of their special services include dipping, flea control and tick control. They also sell some treats and other cute products.

Blue Dog Pet Shop

This store is located in Lemoyne, Pennsylvania. They sell some brand names for dogs, cats, birds and other small animals. They also sell collars, leashes, toys, cages and dog crates. They also have some boarding and grooming services.

Benny’s Pet Depot

This pet depot is located in Mechanicsburg, Pennsylvania. They sell a variety of specialty dog foods, to accommodate different dogs’ situations, like age, coats problems or food allergies. Aside from dog food, they sell pet supplies and remedies for all  kinds of domestic pets. They also do grooming, dog training and assist pet adoptions.

PetSmart Harrisburg

This giant chain pet store has a location in Harrisburg. This location offers training and grooming services. They also sell a very wide variety of products and food for dogs, cats, domestic birds, wild birds, fish, reptiles and small animals.

Petco Animal Supplies

Petco is a chain store that has a location in Harrisburg. They carry a very wide selection of products and food for dogs, cats, reptiles, amphibians, fish, birds, ponds and more.

Pet Stores in Annapolis, Maryland

Annapolis, Maryland, is full of cute boutiques in the city proper and in the suburbs. Most of these local shops are based around cats and dogs. There is even a coffee shop where you can get your dog groomed!

Paws Pet Boutique

This store is centered around cats and dogs, providing gourmet cat and dog treats, toys, hand-painted pottery, dog collars and leashes, and other cute and artsy stuff. They also have products for humans, including dog and cat themed framed prints, t shirts, hand-crafted jewelery, garden decorations, signs, pillows and other art. They also hold a number of fun fundraising events!

Woofs and Whiskers

This boutique is locally owned, and has two dogs on its premises that accompany the owner, Harper and Bear. There are lots of kitschy products for cats and dogs, such as stylish collars and leashes, dog sweaters, custom-made pet beds (your choice of fabric!), grooming supplies, interesting treats and more, For humans, they sell toys for kids, and lovely pet-themed gifts for adults, such as sculptures, cards and even dog-shaped soaps.

Barn ‘n’ Bean

If you love coffee, dogs and shopping, the Bark ‘n’ Bean is the place for you in Annapolis! They have a full-service coffee bar with espresso drinks, pastries and light lunch options, and then have do-it-yourself or professional grooming services! You also have the option of shopping, as they carry fun products for humans and dogs.

All For The Pet

This locally-owned pet store has been open for 30 years, having started as a small grooming shop, and then expanding into a huge full-line pet store. They have grooming services (appointment only) for cats and dogs, and offer packages, as well as flea/tick dips, de-matting, hydro massage, toe nail trimming and painted nails. There are also a bunch of different dog-obedience training programs. All For The Pet is located in Severna Park, Maryland.

Precious Pet Cottage

Pet Cottage is located in Millersville, Maryland, and gets puppies directly from breeders. They also offer grooming services, like bath, blowdry, brushing, nail trim and finally giving dogs bows or bandanas to top off the new look. They also sometimes have training classes. They sell a variety of dog foods, along with fun supplies like outdoor dog pools and dog playpens.

The Pet Waggin’

The Pet Waggin’ has served the area since 1982, and has professional dog and cat groomers. They are located in Severna Park, Maryland. Their services include bath, brush out, trimmings, ears, nails and glands.

Pet Stores in Wichita, Kansas

If you find yourself in Wichita, Kansas, there are lots of awesome local stores to shop for your pet, some of which also offer boarding and grooming services. This city has facilities for almost every type of finned, feathered or furry friend.

Guptons Pet Shop

Gupton’s Pet Shop has been open since 1966, and offers a multitude of services and products for various animals. On certain days, they offer “Critter Trimming,” where you can get your bird clipped and trimmed. They also offer boarding services for dogs, cats, birds and other small animals. There are also bathing facilities, where you can have them take care of your dog, cat, rabbit, guinea pig or rat! They can also do water testing for tanks.

Guptons sells purebred and specialty puppies, as well as small animals, birds, fish, plants, fish, amphibians and reptiles. The store also has Dessa’s boutique for shoppers, with products like gourmet dog treats, colognes, furniture and collars.

Bed & Biscuit Center

This place has been in business since 1991, and offers grooming services for dogs and cats. They also sell a number of toys, foods in treats. The Bed & Biscuit Center even hosts a dog bakery that bakes their own dog cookies and treats, which are made out of human-consumable ingredients.

The Aquarium in Old Town

This is a locally owned and operated store that has been open for over 15 years. The store is driven by a custom centralized filtration system. They can help customers with designing tanks from start to finish. They sell a good deal of products, including aquariums, lighting, pumps and more.

Doggy Day Care LLC

Doggy Day Care is a famous local spot, sometimes featured on TV, and it is made to provide social, athletic and developmental facilities for dogs. Dogs that are 8 weeks old and up have many opportunities to enjoy this 5,000 square foot area by interacting with other dogs and staff members throughout the visit. All canines must be fixed and vaccinated to enter Doggy Day Care. They offer bathing, boarding, day care and training services.

Pet Haven

Pet Haven is a local pet store that has been open since 1979, and is mostly centered around dogs. They sell pet foods and supplies like collar and flea control products. They also offer obedience and grooming services.

Uptown Paws

Uptown Paws is a fun boutique for those who like to indulge. They offer specialty designer pet dishes, fancy harnesses, patterned leashes, stylish pet carriers and much more!

Pet Stores Around Providence, Rhode Island

There are lots of great local pet stores in and around the city of Providence, Rhode Island. Shoppers can easily buy holistic pet food, aquarium supplies or pet pastries!

Rhode Island Aquarium & Pet Center

This store has a variety of freshwater, tropical and gold fish available, and they specialize in rare and exotic species. They also sell some small animals and exotic reptiles. There is also a variety of products at this store, such as protein skimmers, aquarium systems, filters, ornaments, as well as holistic dog and cat foods. In terms of services, they offer free water testing and demos on fish tank maintenance, as well as diagnostics on fish diseases.

Plaid & Stripe

This pet store is centered around cats and dogs. They have a huge supply of collars and leashes with all sorts of unique and fashionable designs. They also sell canine grooming supplies, containers, toys and treats. For cats, they sell specialty bowls and other containers. Well behaved dogs are welcome inside for complimentary water and treats. There are also some gifts for human pet lovers, like apparel, books, art and cards.

Dogs in Harmony

Dogs in Harmony is mainly a bakery for dogs that carries its own line of pet pastries and organic dog treats. There are also many eco-friendly dog products and food, spa supplies, dog apparel, glassware and toys. They also have a “cat corner,” as well as food and supplements for rabbits.

Pure Paradise Pets

This pet store is located in Johnston, Rhode Island, and is a full line pet store that has some interesting features.

The store has large animals living there, such as an alligator, an anaconda and a giant tortoise! There are also some normal pets in the reptile room, like boas, corn snakes and pythons, as well as some spiders and scorpions. There are some exotic birds, like macaws and amazons, also on display and sale. The fish room has a very well-stocked supply of freshwater fish. There are even some small animals for sale.

National Pet Center

This pet store is located in Cranston, Rhode Island, and is family owned and operated. They sell a variety of animals, including domestic kittens, purebred kittens, reptiles, amphibians, freshwater fish, gerbils, hamsters, mice, rats, chinchillas, ferrets and more. They also sell products like organic food and fish supplies. They also offer a few animal services, such as nail trimming, wing clipping and some low-cost health clinics (just check when they are holding these services).

Pet Stores in Knoxville, Tennessee

Knoxville, Tennessee, has many great pet stores for animals of all kinds. These locally owned stores range from small mom and pop spots to huge warehouses!

Agri Feed Pet Supply

This pet store dates back to 1976, and continues to be locally owned and operated. It is the largest independent pet store in the Knoxville area. They have all sorts of supplies, snacks, toys and accessories for assorted animals, like cats, dogs, fish and birds. They also hold community events with various rescue groups every Saturday, which is a wonderful opportunity to adopt dogs.

Active Pets

Active Pets is a little, locally-owned store, which sells aquarium supplies, bird cages, bird equipment and assorted other pet food and supplies. They can special order items that they do not carry.

Strictly Feathers

This is the largest bird specialty store in Knoxville, and they sell some hand fed baby birds. They also carry bird feed and other supplies, as well as literature about owning birds.

Critter Barn

Critter Barn is centered around reptiles, and was established in 1972. They sell reptiles (mostly snakes), most of which they breed right in the store, and specialize in Ball Pythons, Boas and Bearded Dragons. They sell assorted food and supplies for reptiles too. There is even a dog, Cane, that hangs out in the store!

Coral Reef

This is a locally owned saltwater aquarium store that has aquarium supplies, corals and live rock and an expert staff.

Fins ‘n Skins Inc

This store is focused on cold blooded animals, but they also sell some small furry animals like hamsters and gerbils. They sell a wide selection of amphibians, reptiles, saltwater fish, freshwater fish and more. In terms of supplies, they have aquariums and terrariums, crickets, frozen and live rodents, plants, pumps, reef systems and rocks. They also do water analysis.


Appropriately named, this store has an insane selection of aquarium supplies for pond, fresh and salt water enthusiasts.

Pet Care Warehouse

This is a large store that serves a variety of animals, such as cats, dogs, freshwater fish, saltwater fish, reptiles, amphibians and birds. There is even a pet spa, where you do not need to have an appointment, and you can choose from a variety of programs, and choose what kind of shampoo your pet will be washed with.

Pet Quarters

Pet Quarters is a small place for retail pet supplies and grooming services. They sell brand name pet food, as well as products for cats, dogs, horses, birds, fish, reptiles and assorted small animals. They have grooming services five days a week by appointment, and can take care of dogs, cats and even guinea pigs. Pet Quarters also holds pet adoption services every Saturday.

Pet Stores and Salons in Central New Jersey

Pets Pets Pets

Somerset, New Jersey

This store has been open since 1985, and always gets nominations and rewards for being one of the best pet stores of its area. They sell many pets, such as kittens, puppies, fish, birds and reptiles. They also offer services to set up and maintain aquariums.

Suzette’s Grooming Salon

Edison, New Jersey

Suzette’s offers assorted services for bathing and grooming, including skin conditioning, blow drying, hand scissoring, nail clipping/painting and teeth brushing. They will adapt specific services to special breeds and sizes of dogs. They prefer that owners spend a few minutes with the staff beforehand to discuss personal styling preferences of their dogs.

Katie’s Pet Depot

North Brunswick, New Jersey

Pet Depot is a chain in the US and Canada, which has a location in North Brunswick. They carry many specialty products for pets’ diets, such as natural and holistic brands, and food for raw diets. This location features grooming services, as well as assorted toys, chews and treats. They also sell supplies for freshwater and saltwater aquariums, as well as for small animals.

Grooming Tails

North Brunswick, New Jersey

This grooming salon has over 20 years of experience, and accommodates to all breeds of cats and dogs. They use no tranquilizers, and offer special services like organic flea dipping. They sell flea and tick control products, and also have some boarding facilities.

Pedigree Pet Spa

Metuchen, New Jersey

This is a new pet salon, that offers services to all breeds and sizes of cats and dogs. They refrain from using tranquilizers, but they do treat your pet with new equipment and materials. They have very fancy special services and products, like an Italian spa line package. The salon also has a pet boutique that has a bunch of unique items.

Bird House

East Brunswick, New Jersey

This store sells a variety of live birds, as well as practical products like cages, food and toys. They also offer bird boarding facilities.

Planet Pets and Hobby World

Franklin Park, New Jersey

This interesting store has hobby equipment for sale along with pets! They have many exotic animals for sale, including freshwater fish, saltwater fish, baby parrots, reptiles and small mammals. They welcome children to come play and interact with the furry animals. They also offer food and products for cats, dogs, birds, reptiles, fish and small animals. About one third of this store is reserved for hobby equipment.