The Best Foods to Feed Your Rabbit

Pet rabbits are relatively easy to feed, but owners should definitely take a few precautions to know how to feed their rabbit healthily. Owners should make sure to keep their rabbit’s diet relatively consistent, and do not jump to tons of new foods instantly. Whether you are traveling or being stationed with your rabbit, the […]

Rabbit Toys: Take care of bunny boredom

Is your rabbit starting to chew on things in her cage that aren’t toys? Is she hopping around and “spazzing” out? She might be bored. Rabbits do not have the same communication tools as dogs and cats. They don’t bark at you, mew, or grab your ankle to let you know they are bored. They […]

Tips for Traveling with Your Rabbit


If you are staying with family or friends on your trip, make sure in advance that no one is allergic to rabbits. If your rabbit is not used to car rides, and you are going to go on a long trip, you should train for it in advance. You should do small trips to start […]