Tips for Road Trips with Your Rat


Traveling with your rat can be fun for both of you, so long as you prepare for it and are properly supplied for the session.

If you are going on a long car trip, you should get your rat used to being in the car beforehand. Start off by going on short trips, and then gradually longer trips, with your rat. That way it won’t be nervous when you embark on a long journey.

In terms of cages, you should buy a travel cage or container, as its home cage is usually too big and is meant for domestic purposes. It is dangerous to bring a multi-level cage, because your rat could bang against something if your car comes to a sudden stop. You can put it in its travel cage for short periods before you embark on your journey. Make sure your rat can get lots of air, and that it is properly secured. You can usually secure cages with a seatbelt.


While driving, do not attach water bottles to your rat’s cage. Jerky movements may cause the water to leak out on to your rat, which could get it sick. Instead, you should stop every couple hours to give water to your rat so that it can properly hydrate. If there are a few rats in the cage, you should bring at least two bottles for the watering sessions. Don’t let the water bottles sit in the sunlight, because they will get hot, and rats don’t like hot water. The best idea is to bring along a cooler and place the rat’s water next to your own drink bottles.

When you pack up your car, make sure that all of the rat’s supplies are in easy reach. Have all of their food, litter and medicine in one place, like a plastic bag, that is easy to reach. You should also make everything easy to take into a hotel room (or wherever you are staying). You should also take along extra hiding blankets and old rags or blankets. Keep your rat’s cage as clean as possible, for your rat’s comfort and for your own.

Do not let your rat get too cold or too hot. If you are going to a hot place, make sure your air conditioner works, or else it could get a heat stroke. In the winter, you could bring along Snuggle Safe Heating Pads, which are hard plastic disks that can retain heat for 12 hours after your microwave them. You can stop at gas stations and reheat them on the way, too.

Click here for a video about traveling with rats and different carrying cases.

Great Pet Stores in Manhattan, New York

Manhattan, the central burrow of New York City, is one of the famous shopping centers of America and the world. As a result, there is fantastic pet shopping in all neighborhoods of the island.

dscf5417Pet Central

This is a small, nicely packed store that has a cute, fat cat walking around it. It is located in the West Village on happening Bleecker Street. Friendly staff.

Posh Paws of Manhattan

This shop is located in West Harlem, pretty close to Morningside Park. They are known for having a friendly, helpful staff, and they deliver around NYC. They have a quality selection of toys, food and treats for cats and dogs.


This store offers high quality and fancy goods, treats, accessories and food for competitive prices. They are located in the Financial District. They also groom dogs, and offer free delivery around NYC. They even offer seminars about pet health. They have products for all sorts of animals, such as cats, dogs, birds, fish and reptiles. They have custom pet furniture available.


dscf5342The Petco located in Union Square is huge! It is located right near the park and all the subway stops, so it’s very easy to get to. They have over 10,000 products for all sorts of pets. They also have cats and other small animals for adoption.

Trixie and Peanut

This store is located on East 20th, and it always gets rated for one of NYC’s premier pet stores. Right now, they are offering an insane selection of crazy pet costumes for upcoming Halloween and Halloween parades. They have a selection of toys, accessories/jewelery, pet carriers, pet apparel, beds, blankets, food and more. They also hold an eco-friendly selection.

The Barking Zoo

This store is located in Chelsea, and is a bit pricey, but has a lot of cute products. They have nice treats that are organic or made from free-range meat. Very fashionable and chic, like the rest of the neighborhood, but has practical things too.

Parrots & Pups

pugpupThis pet store has baby parrots and puppies from trusted breeders, and it is in the West Village. It also offers grooming, boarding and home delivery.

Pet Health Store

This shop is located in the fancy Upper West Side and offers terrific products for cats and dogs. For cats, they offer litter, treats, scratchers, cat furniture and more. For dogs, they carry beds, toys, supplements, pet hair pickups, and flea and tick medication.