Small Pets for Kids

If your house has been pet-free for a few years due to the loss of a pet or the arrival of a baby, it probably has felt empty or different. Lots of children start asking for pets because most of their storybooks are about animals, they see friends with dogs and cats, and you may […]

Advice for Traveling with Your Gerbil


Gerbils are one of the easier pets to travel with. You just have to take a few easy steps to make sure it is done safely. If its home cage is a small size, then you can just use that for the trip. The other option is to purchase a plastic tank, or just a […]

Pet Stores in Sacramento, California


Sacramento, California, has a few good locations to go shopping for your pet. There are a couple of great aquarium specialist shops, a bird shop, as well as some general practical stores for pets in general. Capitol Aquarium This store names itself “Sacramento’s premiere tropical fish emporium.” It has over 9,000 square feet, and is […]