Great Android Apps for Pet Owners

For those of us who have Android phones instead of iPhones, there are many apps available that are useful and fun for us and our pets. If you have an Android phone, the following apps can come in handy when traveling with your pet or just home but need some information at your fingertips. Pet […]

Whistle, A New Way to Monitor Your Dog’s Health

An article published on The Verge sheds some new insight into how we can be the best owners possible to our dogs. A new startup company, Whistle, has created an application and device that is similar to FitBit and the Nike Fuelbands that many ahtletes use to monitor their activity. Theirs, however, is for dogs. […]

5 Techy Gadgets for Pet Owners

Most of us have smartphones and other gadgets that are supposed to make our lives a little easier, a little faster, and also keep us connected to our friends. Many of them keep us connected to our friends and allow us to instantaneously share a moment or a thought without skipping a beat. For us […]

Geeky Pets 101: 2 Dog Walking Apps

In May, Fujitsu, a company in Japan released a pedometer for dogs. This isn’t a new concept. The pedometer is on the dog’s collar and transmits pace and mileage to the owner’s smartphone which then can be uploaded to a website. Sound familiar? Sound like the Nike+ iPod app that many of us used with […]

Game Review: iPad Game For Cats Leaves Room For Improvement

I was browsing the app store one night and came across Game For Cats by Hiccup. After reading a few of the comments and looking at the screenshots I decided to download the free version on my iPad and see if my two cats would like it. The game is designed specifically to amuse cats. […]

Techy Dog Tags

Many of us have smartphones and now there’s a product that has merged the smartphone with your dog or cat’s ID. It’s not like the other apps where you can keep a file of your pet’s health issues and vet info. It’s a product that can help get your pet home if he gets lost. […]