Dog-Friendly Hiking Around Tucson, Arizona


There are many excellent hiking opportunities around Tucson, Arizona, with all levels of difficulty. The Huachuca Mountains, Santa Catalina Mountains and Santa Rita Mountains are all amazing places to visit with your rugged dog!

Note: Keep updated on these trails, because sometimes they face the problem of forest fires and need to be repaired.

Upper Ramsey Canyon

Located in the Huachuca Mountains, this is a wonderful three-hour hike. Your dog can join you on leash. It is known to be a great way to escape the summer heat, because of its shade and high elevation. It is approximately 4.6 miles in length, and is moderate in difficulty.

Aspen Loop from Marshall Gulch

This hike is within the Santa Catalina Mountains, and is about 3.7 miles long. It is a shorter hike of only 1.5 hours. Dogs can join you on leash, and it is moderate in difficulty. If you go on weekends, you should wake up early to grab a parking spot. It is a good spot for escaping summer heat, and you can get good exercise within the shade of the pine and fir forest.

Green Mountain Trail

The Green Mountain Trail is a moderate hike in the Santa Catalina Mountains that can be done in any season, but it is recommended to go in the spring or fall. You are able to hike 3.9 miles through many different types of forest, and get stunning views. This particular trail is 2.2 miles, but there are also some side trails along the way. Dogs can join you on leash.

Wildnerness Rocks, from the Summit of Mt Lemmon

This is a more advanced hike in the Santa Catalina Mountains, which you should plan in ahead. It is a five hourĀ  adventure through 8.6 miles of trail. It is best to do this hike in the spring, summer and fall. Dogs can accompany you on leash. This area has fantastic rock formations among the pine trees, and it does not get too crowded.


Bog Spring

Bog Spring is a trail in the Santa Rita Mountains, which is moderate in difficulty. It is recommended to go in the Spring, Fall and Winter. It takes about three hours to complete this hike, which is approximately 5.4 miles long. Dogs are allowed on leash.

Pet Stores in El Paso, Texas


El Paso, Texas, offers a few nice pet stores if you happen to be around.

The city has a couple great local stores for fish and fish tanks, as well as some other grooming services for furry animals. The pet stores are more on the practical side in El Paso, as there are not as many pet boutiques.

Pet Emporium

This store is dedicated to pet nutritional wellness and pet aromatherapy for a wide array of species. They also have pet grooming services, and they sell some products for pond and aquarium maintenance. They sell exotic birds, along with bird supplies, nesting boxes, cages, food and more for your feathered friends. They have some supplies for small animals as well.

Saltwater Heaven

This store is dedicated to saltwater tanks and great looking corals. They sell tanks for homes, businesses, schools, restaurants and medical offices. They maintain the idea that keeping a saltwater tank is easier than a freshwater tank, if done correctly. They sell all sorts of products, such as different salts and live sand, heaters, filters, lighting, magnet glass cleaners, skimmers, test kits, frozen foods, supplements and more. They also do maintenance services.


Salty Fin

This store is El Paso’s largest saltwater supplier. They feature live coral, saltwater fish, freshwater fish and reptiles. They offer services, such as regular aquarium maintenance, new aquarium set-ups, custom tank design, pond cleaning and pond installation.

Paul’s Pet Grooming Shop

This is a local pet grooming shop with fair prices. They offer regular services, along with dipping, and flea and tick treatments. They also sell a few grooming products.

Northeast Feed Pets & Supply

This practical store specializes in reptiles, amphibians, birds and farm animals. They sell cages, carriers and all kinds of food for these animals. They even carry hay, which most pet stores lack.

Pet Shop

This is a grooming shop for dogs. They offer shampoos, cuts, nail trimming, ear cleaning and more. It is a popular place with many regulars, so you should call for an appointment for your pet long in advance!

PetSmart El Paso

This chain store has a location in El Paso. It offers grooming services, along with pet foods and supplies for all sorts of cats, dogs, birds, fish, reptiles and small animals.

Dog-Friendly Vacationing in Dallas, Texas

Dallas, Texas, is a big city that is a center for banking, commerce, telecommunications, energy and transportation. There are a ton of things to do in this city, whether you are into culture, sports, nature or eating good food. There are many different neighborhoods throughout Dallas to explore.

Dogs are welcome in many of the great tourist and local attractions of Dallas.

Dallas Foundation Self-Guided Walking Tours

You can order a self-guided tour map from the Dallas Foundation. There are a few different suggestions to check out the sculptures downtown, and the tours can also pass through the Arts District, Downtown and City Hall. Pegasus Plaza is also an interesting spot to check out, with carved stones and a fountain. Dogs are allowed to join you throughout this tour if they are on leash.

Old City Park

This attraction is located south of downtown Dallas, and is within 13 acres of wooded land. This is a live-action history museum, where actors display farm life back in the 1860s.

There are also 38 historic structures, a traditional Jewish house, Victorian houses, a school, a church and historic shops. You can buy tickets on site at the ticket office. This park is open Tuesday to Saturday, but closed on most major holidays.


McKinney Avenue Trolley

Dogs can join you on these five authentic trolley cars for a four mile tour of Dallas, going uptown and downtown. They must be leashed and well behaved. The ride is free for humans and dogs! This service is open daily until 10:00 PM, or until midnight on Friday and Saturday.


Dallas Nature Center

This is a 633 acre nature preserve, and there are 10 miles of hiking trails. Dogs are allowed to accompany you on a leash for a long hike. Some of these trails are very easy, but some are advanced.

Outdoor Restaurants

Big Shucks Oyster Bar

This is a big seafood restaurant that serves all kinds of shellfish. Dogs are allowed at the outer tables.

Cafe Brazil

This Brazilian restaurant has a few locations throughout Dallas. Dogs are allowed at the outer tables in the Cedar Springs and Elm Street locations.

Gloria’s Restaurant

This restaurant has Tex-Mex food, as well as some Salvadorian food. Dogs are allowed at the outer tables at the Greenville location.

State and Allen Lounge

This uptown restaurant is a cafe and sports bar, and it’s a good place to drink. Dogs are allowed in the outside part.


Dog Parks in Tucson, Arizona


Tucson, Arizona, has six off-leash dog parks all around the city. All of them are free to use.

You are expected to follow the rules of the Tucson Dog Parks. You are responsible for all of the actions of your dog. You must only open one gate at a time when you enter or leave any of the dog parks. Children under 10 must be accompanied by an adult, and cannot be left unattended. You must be within the premises of the off-leash dog parks so long as your dog is playing in them, and must be in reach of your dog in case anything happens. All dogs must wear a collar with a Pima County license, and be up-to-date with their vaccinations. Once you leave the off-leash designated area, you must leash your dog, even if you are just in the parking lot.

Aggressive dogs are not permitted; dogs that show signs of aggression must be escorted out. Dogs in heat or that are ill are not allowed in the off-leash areas. Puppies must be at least four months old to go into the off-leash areas. Dogs must follow their owner’s commands. Dog owners are responsible for any holes that their dogs dig into the soil.

Christopher Columbus Park

This park is located in the Northwest section of Tucson. It is lighted and takes up 14,000 square feet. It opens at dawn, and closes two to three hours after dusk. It features a dog drinking fountain, scrambling area, shaded area, and a scooper dispenser. It is located in the greater Christopher Columbus Park.


Gene C Reid Park-Miko’s Corner Playground

This park is located in Midtown Tucson; you should use the Picnic Place or Concert Place entrances off Country Club to get in. It is open from 7:00 AM-10:00 PM daily. It is lighted, fenced, and has three double entry gates, large turf areas, separate areas for big and small dogs (2 acres for each), water fountains, a scooper dispenser and tables for humans.

Palo Verde Park

This park takes up 38,000 square feet with a gravel surface. There are separate fenced areas for big and small dogs, as well as lighting, picnic tables, drinking fountains and a scooper dispenser. It has double entry gates for each side. It is open from 6:00 AM-10:30 PM daily. It is not the most popular park because it doesn’t have grass or turf. It is located in the East part of town.

Sixth Avenue Dog Park

This fenced park has tables, a wash area and a double-entrance gate. It is across from Northwest Center and Mansfield Park. It is in the North part of town.


Udall Park

This park is one acre in size, and is located in the Northeast part of town. It features a turf area, trash cans, a seating area, and water. It is open from 6:00 AM-10:00 PM.

Jacobs Park

This is a small dog park that has a separate small dog area. It is located in the Northwest part of town.

Pet Stores in Reno, Nevada


If you are traveling to Reno, Nevada, there is some good shopping to do in the pet sphere. It ranges from luxurious to outdoorsy to practical, from parrots to goats. Many of these stores also offer boarding, vet services or grooming.

Healthy Tails

This is a fancy pet store that is for luxury cats and dogs. It offers grooming, toys, training, beds, bowls, canine couture, food, supplements, treats, collars, leashes, tags and more. They even offer some travel beds and other accessories for cats and dogs.

Pettin Place

This store is Reno’s oldest and largest independent pet shop. They have many pet accessories, and products for cats, dogs, birds, ferrets, chinchillas. Some selection includes fresh bird seed, crickets, dog clothes and pet beds, as well as Science Diet.

Pet Play House

This huge dog center offers dog daycare, dog boarding, training, kennels, cage-free boarding, outdoor dog play yards. They offer nice boarding options, like condos, suites and slumber parties. The rooms often offer comfy raised beds, heating and AC, 24 hour human supervision, access to grass, and some themed rooms and decorations. They also offer grooming and some retail supplies.

Scraps Dog Company and General Store

This store offers nutritious pet food that is free of by-products, corn, wheat, soy, grain fractions, artificial colors, flavors or low quality fillers. They also offer many novelties, like collars, leashes, harnesses, lupine, ruff wear, and gear for active dogs and cats. For non active ones, they offer fancy clothes and products for fashionable dogs and cats. For hygiene, the store offers many skin care and tooth care products. There is also a bakery with Chihuahua empanadas, Yappy Birthday cakes and other silly treats. They even have jewelery like pet charms, tiaras, birthday hats, bow ties and bandanas, if your pet is into that!

Feed World

This store is not a boutique, so it has better prices and more practical stuff. They offer cages, carriers, vet services and food for animals that range from dogs to goats to horses.

Parrot Connection Inc

This is a good store bird-loving times. They offer cages, carriers, food and toys for birds. They have hand-fed baby birds for sale too. It is a well-stocked store with tons to choose from.


Pet Supermarket

This is a chain store that has food and products for cats, dogs, birds, fish, small pets and reptiles. There is also a fashion section so you can pick out the latest styles in dog sweaters.

Pet Stores in Dallas, Texas


Dallas, Texas, has many fine locally-owned pet shops. Many are dedicated to particular pets, or to all sorts of pets. In any case, there’s a good deal of selection of establishments, that you’ll probably find what you need without a problem.

Pet Supplies Plus

This shop is known for supplying both pet supplies and knowledge about owning different pets. They hire people who know and have pets. Because they believe in nutrition, they also have a relationship with an animal clinical nutrionist at Michigan State University’s College of Veterinary Medicine. They carry normal brands of pet food, along with organic brands. They have smaller stores that are easier to shop around in.

Boutique Pet Shop and Aquarium

This store has been open since 1968, in the same location, with its original owners. They hold over 10,000 gallons of live fish, and they offer free in-store water testing and consultation. They even have their own koi pond in the store, so that’s fun to just observe! Other than fish, they also offer supplies for dogs, cats, small animals, reptiles and birds. They offer some stylish things for furry friends in velvet or jeweled. They also do grooming! This is a great place if you have a lot of different pets you need to shop for.

Best Pet Shop and Dog Grooming

This is a family-owned business that has been open since 1978. They have many fish and supplies for freshwater and saltwater types, as well as aquarium supplies like air pumps, filters, power heads and wet/dry systems. They have a dog grooming department as well.

The Cat Connection

Cat person? Shopper? This is the store for you! They offer all sorts of cat products, like catnip, cat carriers, toys, treats, food, collars, cat litter, grooming supplies, furniture and more. They also have boarding and grooming departments.

Canine Commissary

This store has been open for 28 years, and is dedicated to providing nutrition for cats and dogs. They also have supplies for all sorts of cats and dogs. They have two locations in Dallas, and one in Plano, Texas.

Fish Gallery

This is a fancy store that offers lots of different types of aquariums. They also offer fish, plants, lighting, filtration, pumps and assorted fish foods. They even have captive and wild bred coral reefs.