Life Lessons We Learn from Traveling with Dogs

When I ask my friends what they want most out of a vacation, their answers always are “fun” and “relaxation.” When I ask myself what I want out of a vacation, my answers are those and the excitement of seeing something I’ve never seen before. You know what? That’s what dogs like. They like exploring […]

Hotel Travel Tips

Ok, so you found a nice hotel where you and your dog can hang out. The hotel has given your dog a special bed, treats, and and complimentary toys.You’ve brought enough food, made sure to bring proof of vaccinations, and your dog isn’t too weirded out by the new space. Now it’s time to go […]

Tips for Road Trips with Your Dog


Dogs usually love going on car rides, whether they sit in the back of a pick up or just like to stick there head out the window against the wind. However, if you plan to do a long car ride with your dog, keep some things in mind. For one, have your dog used to […]