Take That (Near) Perfect Picture Of Your Pet

Granted many of us use our phones to take pics, we can make them amazing shots if we take a second and frame the shot. Cats and dogs don’t often cooperate well but with these few tips we can capture their true personality.

4 Tips for Photographing Your Pet

  1. If you can, turn on the “grid” feature on your camera. If your camera doesn’t have one, imagine the view finder divided into three horizontal lines and three vertical lines, like a tic tac toe board. Balance both sides of the photo along these grid lines, framing your pet where the vertical and horizontal lines intersect, and a little off center. This can make for a more interesting composition.
  2. The best lighting to use for pictures is natural light. A bright, overcast day works well because it helps produce contrast. If you are taking a picture inside, open the curtains and let the room be flooded in natural sunlight. Using a flash on pets can produce red-eye and then your pet looks possessed. Natural light helps show off all the beautiful colors of your pet’s fur.
  3. Sink to their level. Yup, your picture will be more interesting if you get down to eye level and take a tight shot. Get on your stomach if you can or kneel down and see the world through your pet’s eye. You might get some silly shots as your cat or dog comes up and sniffs the camera.
  4. Taking pictures of your pet can be tough. They wiggle, fidget, and walk away. Make it fun and let your pet do what they do. If you don’t get the “perfect” shot, that’s ok. If your dog or cat generally does something funny or adorable, let them be themselves and capture that. Even if you end up with a bunch of pictures of your pet sleeping… you will get that amazing picture of them jumping and catching a ball or sitting in the windowsill eventually.

Image from Xuite.net

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