Take Your Dog To Work Day: June 22, 2012

Have a dog? Have a job? Whew, good for you. Celebrate these two facts by taking your dog to work on Friday June 22. Check with your company to see if they are participating in the event and will allow you to bring your pup before Friday.

This is an annual worldwide event that was created by Pet Sitters International to celebrate the companionship and bond that pets and their owners share. Started in 1999, it celebrates pets who have forever homes and helps promote pet adoption, responsible pet ownership, and pet education. It’s that one special day when pet lovers get to share their work day with their best friend at the office. It’s great for the soul, and your dog will be pretty happy to not be home alone.

Studies have shown that having a pet in the workplace creates a more productive environment and not a distracting one. Petting a dog or cat can help lower stress, spending a few minutes playing with a pet can help bring a smile to your face, and help boost the mood in the workplace.

If your business wants to get more involved in Take Your Dog To Work Day and strengthen the bond with the community and animal rescue groups in your area, this is one of the ways to start. Marketing and media can create ads that show your company’s support for adoption and team up with other groups, sponsor events, or participate in them as well.

If you plan on bringing your pet to work on June 22, here’s a few tips:

1: Look around your work place and pet proof any spaces or places that could be dangerous to your pet. Secure all cabinets, garbage cans, and make sure food is not within reach of your pet’s paws.

2: Groom your pet and brush out any dead fur. You don’t want your buddy leaving dirty paw prints, fur, or dander all over the place. Bring an old towel to wipe down the paws after a lunch break walk to avoid tracking in dirt or mud.

3: If your dog is overly shy or aggressive, leave her home. Being around new people and in a strange environment can stress your pet. If your pet feels threatened and has a tendency to growl or show aggression, someone might get hurt. If your pet is very shy, she may cower and shake all day or have an accident. Don’t stress them out. Bring in a picture instead.

4: If your dog is not well-trained and overly hyper, she may distract others and you and might create more stress than fun. Some dogs may need more training and manners before being in an office environment.

5: Don’t forget food and water and schedule potty breaks.

6: Don’t force your dog to be friendly with your co-workers. Dog lovers will come to your dog naturally and those who are not dog lovers will not. Respect your co-workers and their feelings about pets. Let them know if your dog has any sensitivities such as being touched in a certain spot or has a hesitation with having paws touched. This is for your dog’s safety as well as your coworkers.

7: If your dog seems to be getting edgy, take her home during your lunch break. It isn’t worth the stress to try and force your dog to do a whole day at work if she’s not ready. Make arrangements to take a little extra time to drive her home or have someone like a pet sitter or dog walker come pick her up.

8: If your dog is a high energy dog and goes to a dog daycare, a great idea would be to bring her there in the morning and let her run around till lunchtime. After lunch she’ll be calmer and most likely snooze under your desk as you finish up your day.

9: Use a nylon or leather leash instead of a flexi-lead to avoid having the leash get tangled around desk and chair legs or tripping anyone. It’s safer and easier to control your dog if he wants to wander away or go play with other dogs. A flexi-lead can sometimes break and the plastic handle can slip from your hand.

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