Take Your Dog to Work Day

June 25 is Take Your Dog To Work Day and if your business participates in this event you may find yourself sharing the elevator and water cooler with a few furry friends. The event was created by Pet Sitters International to celebrate the great companions dogs make and to help encourage adoptions from shelters, rescue groups, and other places. It’s a day to show off how cool your dog is and how great it is to share your home with a pet.

This year marks the 12th anniversary and since the annual event started, thousands of companies across the U.S. have participated on this special day.

If your company is participating and you are going to bring your dog, keep in mind the following:

1: There will be lots of new people for your dog to meet. Make sure your dog is ready and socialized enough to meet people and other dogs.

2: Make sure your dog knows to not jump up on people and will sit politely to greet people.

3: If your dog knows a trick like roll-over or giving paw, show it off! It’ll show how smart and fun owning a dog can be.

4: Keep interactions with other dogs short to cut down on the possibility of a rowdy game of tag. This is work, not an indoor dog park.

5: Pack a doggie snack bag or lunch and give your dog time to relax. Meeting new people and dogs can be overstimulating.

6: If your dog is agitated, overwhelmed, or anxious after a while give your dog a time out under your desk with comfy pillow or pet bed. If it is too much for your dog, consider taking her back home.

If you’d like to learn more about Take Your Pet to Work Day, they have a website and a Twitter Id.

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