Teaching a Cat to Sit

People believe you can’t train a cat… and while it may seem impossible when compared to how dogs will learn commands and tricks, a cat can be trained. If you want to try this, it takes patience and a technique that is a little different than what you would do to train a dog. A cat can learn their name, come when called, and sit.

So, want to teach a cat to sit? Here’s how to do it

First you have to lure you cat into a sit. A treat may do the trick like you would do with a dog or maybe their favorite toy can be used. Raise the lure slowly above your cat’s face, moving past the nose and towards the forehead. The idea is to get your cat to look up and have to sit back to do so. Once your cat begins to sit, say, “Sit” slowly. After you cat sits, offer the treat or toy and praise.

Try this a few times and once your cat seems to get it, fade out the lure and replace it with a hand signal. If you’re using a soft treat, you can keep the lure in your hand sometimes. This isn’t too different to how you teach a dog but it is because you cat may lose interest a little faster or take longer in understanding what you are asking. When you start to fade the lure, reward your cat still with a pet on the head and praise. Still use a lure now and then and a hand signal.

After a number of times of doing this your cat will start to understand that to get a treat, s/he must sit and follow the command and hand signal. Keep the training sessions short and make it fun. Your cat might get easily distracted and may walk away. Don’t be discouraged. No one ever said training cats was easy. But once your cat gets it you can show her/him off to your friends.

Image from Awkwardfamilyphotos.com

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