Technicolor Canines – Dog Dye

Ok, we know it’s funny, silly, and cute to see dogs dressed up for Halloween, dog shows, and any occasion that warrants an outfit. What about changing your dog’s appearance for a few weeks or until the next bath? In China, it is becoming more and more common for owners to spend a few bucks and have their dog shampooed, nails trimmed, and dyed.

Not just a stripe or paw dyed for fun… this is intricate and artistic as well as just bizarre. How about a chow chow dyed to look like a panda? Or a retriever dyed to look like a tiger? Or a Dalmatian with multi-colored spots?

Pets have become more popular in China in the last few years which means many new jobs in the pet industry, but who knew “pet painter” was going to be one of those jobs? Poodles, West Highland Terriers, and many other breeds are being seen walking around with neon dyed ears, tails, and total makeovers to look other animals or just given a crazy rainbow dye that resembles a clown wig.

Before you go buying some hair dye from your local pharmacy, you should know that many hair dyes are toxic and dogs often lick their fur.

If you feel the urge to dye your dog, try the following:

1: Get food coloring or use unsweetened Kool-Aid. Both are non-toxic and are semi-permanent.

2: Give your dog a bath to remove dirt, oils, and any other debris.

3: Mix with some water. If you are dyeing your dog one complete color, fill the bath tub with water and the dye. If you are going to go for multiple colors you can use spray bottles filled with each color.

4: Dye your dog where you aren’t going to worry about dyeing other things like the carpet.

5: Let dry, take pics, give your dog some yummy treats for putting up with the ordeal.

If you’re pretty sure your dog won’t sit still that long, you can also buy hair dye for your dog. Posh Pet sells hair gels that allow you to turn your dog into a super star. Just be careful to not get the dye in your dog’s eyes or ears.

Keep in mind, if your dog doesn’t like being groomed or restrained for long periods of time, chances are dye jobs will be a battle. Maybe a snazzy collar and leash would be better.


2 thoughts on “Technicolor Canines – Dog Dye

  1. I saw a show on tv about this happening in the US and Canada as well. They have special “dog shows” for competitive creative grooming. I could not believe what I was seeing. The dogs were mostly standard poodles with beautiful natural coats. Why would anyone cover that up? I immediately worried about the harmful dye and the fact that the dogs had to stand still on the grooming tables of very long periods of time.

  2. The dog dye is non-toxic from everything I found. It is pretty strange but I can see the amusement factor… like turning your retriever into something that resembles a tiger or your fluffy keeshond into a panda.

    Hopefully, the dogs didn’t have to stand on the table for too long!

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