Techy Dog Tags

Many of us have smartphones and now there’s a product that has merged the smartphone with your dog or cat’s ID. It’s not like the other apps where you can keep a file of your pet’s health issues and vet info. It’s a product that can help get your pet home if he gets lost.

Lots of pets are now micro-chipped but no one knows that unless they bring your pet to the vet or shelter where someone can scan their neck and find the ID. Tags that hang from a collar often have the most important information such as your pet’s name, a number, rabies information, microchip number, and dog licensing information.

But sometimes the tags become scuffed up or fall off as your pet runs around. And for the person who finds your pet, they may try to call the phone number but end up getting your voicemail. What else can we do to make sure our pets are safe and get home ASAP if they get away from us?

There’s a new type of dog tag that is on the market and making news. It works with android phones and anyone who has the QR barcode scanner application. PetHub places the barcode face up on the collar. The code is linked to a profile page for your pet where your dog’s name, birthday, vet information, your name and contact information, and emergency contact information is displayed. The information will open up on their smartphone in a browser. You can list all your information or make it a little more private and have the person who finds your pet fill out a form on which will be sent via email to you. The information stored on the profile page is free with purchase of the collar. If you have a collar but want the tag, you can purchase just the QR code tag that slides into the collar. The collars and tags are custom made so make sure you measure your dog’s neck before ordering.

If you prefer a tag instead of a nameplate, PetHub also makes a tag that contains a QR code on it. One side of the tag has the QR code and the other side has the web address with an ID code. If you change your pet’s collar for holidays or like to accessorize your dog’s leash and collar couture, go for the tag.

QR codes have been popping up for a few years now on various advertisements, store fronts, and social network sites. You can download applications that make QR codes and send those to your friends, post them on your Facebook page, or create them for your business. It only make sense to create them for your pet. This doesn’t mean you can toss your pet’s tags but you can have a second line of defense in case the tags get lost and maybe decrease the jingling of tags hitting tags when your pet zooms around.

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