That’s Not Food! Strange Things Pets Have Eaten

When I worked at an animal shelter, the clinic across the way told us they removed two yo-yos from a dog’s stomach and various hair ties. A friend of mine had a dog that had eaten quarters. And I’ve pulled rubber bands from a dog’s butt in my lifetime, which I hope to never had to do again.

In a recent article in the NY Post, some of the strangest items have been tallied that pets have eaten. In 2014, a frog ate 30 rocks. A dog in Florida ate a 6 inch bbq skewer and miraculously lived! Yoda, a small chihuahua living in California ate a wooden back scratcher and it was almost as long as the dog. One of the funnier stories is of a dog that ate his owner’s bra. It’s questionable who was more embarrassed, the owner or the vet.

Fact is, dogs and cats, and sometimes other pets, will grab an item and chew on it. It’s unclear why to be honest. Some behaviorists will cite that dogs and cats learn about the world around them by chewing, tasting, and picking things up in their mouth. However, some items just seem too bizarre to eat, like a great dane who ate 43 socks.

To read the article, check it out here.

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