Things We Do That Annoy Cats

Every human who has a cat living with them knows that the cat rules the house. Granted, we may be the ones who chose and brought the cat home, in the end, the cat owns us.

Think about it for a sec… we clean their litter box, we refresh their water, we give them their meals, and we can’t get them to sit, give paw, stay, or roll over like we can with a dog. Cats have a mind of their own. For all we know they are watching tv when we’re not home or writing emails to their other cat friends about how annoying we are and how they get back at us. I bet they trade secrets.

I bet there’s a secret website where cats login and post and share ways to show their distaste at our antics. I wouldn’t be surprised if our indoor/outdoor cats attend meetings with their buddies and vent about how we close doors to rooms they want to be in, ignore them when they want to be pet, or forget to give them some of our milk and cheese when we take it out of the fridge.

Here are some things we do that annoy our cats:

1: We don’t appreciate their need to claw things. We use a water gun, stern voice, or try to appease them with a cardboard scratcher. The catnip is old, the cardboard is worn, and turning it over doesn’t make it shiny and new. Our cats are smarter than that. They’ve already used up the scratcher and it’s definitely theirs. Now it’s old, it’s not a carpet that gives their toes the same “tug” and it’s not as nearly fun in terms of the reaction it elicits from us. If we want to make our cats happy, we should replace the worn out scratcher, get a new post, and buy fresh catnip.

2: A surprise trip to the vet is not cool in your cat’s mind. Being stuffed into a carrier, whisked away in a car, and then poked and prodded by a stranger is a sure way to have a grumpy cat. Take some time to make this seem like a good thing, leave the carrier out, make it seem like it’s her bedroom with some catnip, a blanket, and other comforts. As the days go by, she may be ok with it and won’t throw as big a fit. Then again, I make no promises.

3: Getting the wrong size litter box or even worse the wrong litter is a sure way to annoy your cat. In other words, make sure your cat has a box that can accommodate her size, clean it often, and if there’s a type of litter you want to start using instead of the brand you’ve been using, transition her slowly. Any abrupt changes will cause a few howls, hisses, or “surprises” in other parts of your house.

4: Bringing home a new pet will create a grumpy cat for a few days and require you to apologize profusely. Don’t cheat on your cat.

5: On your days off you may want to sleep in but your cat is on a tight schedule that includes stretching, napping, and eating. Why would you want to sleep in when you could be feeding your cat?! What’s wrong with you? Get up, feed your cat, give her fresh water, and then go back to bed. Else you may have an annoyed cat who will meow in your face, paw at your head, and walk all over you.

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One thought on “Things We Do That Annoy Cats

  1. omg that is so true my cat owns me i do everything for her but she still claws my back at night when she wants more space i have given her her own room but that helps little omg she is so sweet till some one touches her than she screems at you no matter what she is sleeping on my bed right now and never sleeps with any one elts