Think Green: Your Pet’s Carbon Paw-Print

Most of us are doing our part to maintain a cleaner town, greener planet, and reduce the amount of waste we produce. We may use fluorescent light bulbs, buy recycled paper, conserve water, and take care of our lawns and yards with gentler insecticides, but what about our pets?

Many of us are conscientious shoppers and always looking for a good product at a fair price. We also may now look for recycled products such as bags made from plastic bottles or buy items in bulk to reduce the amount of materials used to make the bottle of juice. Our pets also can be greener and not just by picking up after them on the street or buying a litter box made of recycled plastic.

Here are 5 tips to be even greener with your pet:

1: Thinking about a pet or adding another pet to your home? How about adopting? There are hundreds of lovable dogs, cats, rabbits, mice, and other pets that need new forever homes. Your local shelter, humane society, and rescue groups are great places to start finding your new buddy. Many of these organizations make sure the pets are healthy, up to date with vaccines, and will tell you the personality quirks of the pet you’re interested in.

2: Walking your dog – recycle those bags! The plastic bags you get from the grocery store can be used again as either trash bags in your house or as bags to clean up after your dog makes a mess. Many dog parks have a bag dispenser and you can bring yours there and leave them there for others to use. There are also biodegradable bags for picking up pet waste that won’t harm the environment and some are made from corn or other products that break down and are more environmentally friendly.

3: Cat litter doesn’t have to be clumpy, rock hard, and environmentally unfriendly. There are litters made from corn, wheat, pine, and recycled newspaper. Many are biodegradable and flushable which can make your life easier. They also are great at holding odor, less messy, and gentle on your cat’s paws.

4: Feed your pets natural or organic foods. These types of foods are minimally processed and typically the meats are not hormone or drug altered which makes it healthier for them and better for our environment. Read the labels, read reviews, and discuss the types of foods out there with your vet if you’re unsure which type or brand is best for your pet.

5: Buy natural pet shampoos and cleaning products. It’s safer for them, safer for you, and nicer to our planet.


One thought on “Think Green: Your Pet’s Carbon Paw-Print

  1. We use ‘free’ kitty litter! We cannot seem to stop endless ‘throw away’ papers, weekly grocery ads etc. that just keep coming to the house! So, we shred it! There are times we have more than we know what to do with!
    It is amazing how it keeps down the odor, the cats like it, there have been no adverse side effects ( we checked it out years ago with our vet) and they can have a completely clean box all the time..we use a ‘full sheet’ to line the bottom.

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