Time to Sell Your Home? Have a Pet? Tips to Help Make That Sale

Years ago when we were selling our place, there were many tips the realtor gave us to make the home more attractive to potential buyers. We were told to touch up the paint around the doorways and windowsills, get the wooden floors re-sanded and polished, and keep it tidy for open houses. We were also told to try and bake things like cookies so the house would smell good. When it came to the cats there were some good tips we were given too and while we were unable to do all of them. They definitely helped when people came and checked out the place.

Tips for Selling Your House With Pets

  1. Keep the yard super clean – don’t let any of your dog’s business be in the yard during showing. If there are any dead spots in the grass from urine, plant new grass and keep the yard looking like the landscapers were just there.
  2. Hide the litter box – when showing the house, the last thing a buyer may want to see or smell is a messy litter box. Clean it out, sweep up any litter that was kicked out, and if possible, place it somewhere out of view. Something as simple as in the basement off to the corner can work or behind the toilet bowl if it fits.
  3. Relocate your dog – when having an open house, find a friend who can watch your dog for a few hours or if your dog goes to a dog daycare, bring her there. If your cat is ok with boarding, let her spend a day at a cattery. If that doesn’t work, have a friend take your cat for the day or the hours your house is being shown.
  4. Remove evidence of the pet – clean the carpets, replace any filters in the air vents, dust off that pet hair, and make it look like a pet has never lived there. Touch up the paint where the cat may have scratched and wipe off the doggie nose prints from the glass patio doors. Pick up the bowls of food and wash them out. Take the toys and put them away and out of sight.
  5. Don’t hide the fact that you have pets – don’t lie. You have pets, that’s fine. What you are aiming for is to show that the pets haven’t taken over and that your house is clean, in great condition, and worth the price!

Image from Dtburkett.com

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