Tips for Taking Your Dog to Work

Are you able to bring your dog to work? If so, make sure your pup has some of the basic rules of etiquette under his collar and that your place is safe.

1: Dog proof your area: If you work at a desk make sure the wires are neatly tucked away so your pup doesn’t get tangled and accidentally yank something off your desk like your computer monitor or phone. Keep markers, pens, staples, and other office supplies away in drawers and on the desk.

Any breakables should be removed or put away for the day. Check under your desk and around your work area that there aren’t any items that could be dangerous or poisonous to your dog and throw away your garbage.

2: Vaccinate: Keep your pup up to date on his vaccines. If he’s not, he could be at risk of catching something.

3: Talk to your co-workers before your bring Max to work: Make sure everyone is ok with your dog coming to work. Is anyone allergic? Is anyone afraid of dogs? Consider bringing a crate or carrier for your dog to hang out in when you can’t supervise his interactions.

4: Review the basic commands: Sit, stay, come, and leave it are important commands we teach our dogs. In an office around other people, it’s very important to make sure your dog listens to you. You don’t want your buddy running down the hall and not coming back! Nor do you want your dog to be the one who ate everything in the kitchen garbage can and made a mess.

5: Expect behavior changes: A new environment and new people can make your dog act a little differently. If your dog gets nervous, keep him close to your desk and reassure him that everything is ok. If your pet doesn’t love other dogs a crate with a toy or kong can distract him from becoming hostile. You may also want to only bring him for half days till he adjusts to this new routine.

6: Bring stuff: Pups can be excited to be in a new place, sniff everything, and watch people but they can get bored. Bring the essentials – leash, bowls for water and food, bags for that midday walk, and a blanket or towel for him to lay on. But you should also bring a quiet toy or some treats. A kong with peanut butter can work wonders for that dog who fidgets and gets easily bored.

After a long day at work, reward your pup and reward yourself! Go for a long walk, a run, or toss the ball around at the dog park.


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