Top 10 Reasons to Adopt a Pet

Everyday we see ads on tv for the ASPCA, local shelters, and our local news channels often spotlight a few adoptable pets in our areas. If you’re considering getting a cat, dog, hamster, ferret, potbelly pig, or bird – adopt.

Top 10 Reasons to Adopt a Pet

10. It’s Rewarding!

There are estimated to be about 3 million pets in shelters across the US that are waiting for their forever homes. There is something incredibly special giving an animal a second home, second chance, new leash on life. When you adopt from your local shelter or rescue group you make a difference in the life of an animal. Plus, the pet you adopt may already be house broken, know some tricks, and be accustomed to living in a home which saves a lot of headaches and carpet cleaning.

9. You’ll Know Things Immediately

Looking for a medium sized dog? Looking for a dog that knows how to play frisbee? Want a cat who likes to be held? Adopting an adult or older pet means you have insight to their personality and can figure out if they are compatible with you. Don’t be surprised of the adoption form for a rescue or shelter is very long, they are trying to find a good match (think dating service) for you and the pets they are caring for to make sure every pet never comes back to them.

8. You Help The Shelter

Every adoption opens a space for another pet who needs to find a new home. It also helps the shelter continue their mission to care and rehome pets. You aren’t just getting a new buddy, you are also helping others find homes. It’s a cycle and it’s making a difference in a person’s life and in a pet’s life.

7. It’s Green

Ok it’s not recycling but it’s adopting a pet who needs new home. Plus, when you adopt you help send a message that backyard breeders, puppy mills, and puppy farms are not necessary. Think of it like a supply and demand sort of thing.

6. You Can Skip The BABY STAGES!

Yeah, kittens and puppies are adorable! But you know what, they’re so cute so you don’t kill ‘em! The little fellas can also be a headache and training them may not work with your schedule. Adopting a young adult or older adult can save a lot of money (training classes, new shoes to replace the ones the puppy ate, etc) and time. Adopting one of the older, more relaxed pets with experience living in a home can be more rewarding for everyone. There are also a lot of puppies and kittens in shelters if you definitely want to start young but don’t overlook the adult who is well-trained, goofy, and might be your puuurfect match.

5. The Bond Is Incomparable

There is something special about the bond that is created between an adopted pet and their new owner. Time and again there are stories on Twitter, Facebook, and blogs about how the adopted pet was more loving, adorable, and in some ways almost seemed grateful to have a new home. It’s not to say when people get a new pet from a breeder a bond isn’t formed, but there is something unique with a shelter pet that is incomparable.

4. Saving Lives

For every pet that is adopted from a shelter or rescue group, that means it’s one less pet that is euthanized due to overcrowding. It’s that simple.

3. Trend Setting

You may start a trend among your friends who are thinking of getting a new pet when you tell them that your new awesome dog or cat came from a shelter. It may compel them to check out the local rescue groups, adoption facilities, and other places where pets are looking for their new forever homes.

2. You Get What You Want

It might take a little longer or some more research but you can find the pet you want. Need a small dog? Want a female? Looking for a white cat? If you have your heart set on a breed or type, you can find it. It just might take longer.

and the number 1 reason to adopt:

You really are saving a life.

Image from Adopt Me Vests

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