Top 7 Best Scratching Posts

Tired of your cat scratching the leg of the dining room table? My cats used to scratch the floor speakers to my stereo when they were kittens. Very quickly I got them a scratching post, catnip, and praised them whenever they used the post. It worked!

If your cat has been finding things to sharpen her claws on – toilet paper roll, leather messenger bag, or the rug – it might be time to replace or buy a scratching post. Not sure what one to get?

Here’s 7 of the Best Scratching Posts

3-Sided Vertical Scratcher
This creative design is stable and allows your cat to lean up on the post. It’s made from recycled cardboard and has a cubby hole for your cat to sit in after she’s done digging her claws into the sides.
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Lean-it Scratching Post
This is for leaning against a wall and is covered in carpeting to attract your cat from your real carpet. It comes if various lengths and colors. Lay it flat on the floor and your cat can scratch it and then nap on it.
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Hourglass-shaped cat scratcher
Modern, sleek, and perfect for your little cat. Scratching posts don’t have to be “ugly” as proven by this creative design. It’s wrapped in sisal rope and will not tip over.
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Scratching DJ Deck
For the little DJ in your cat, here’s a fun design. The scratching cardboard parts are shaped like records. It’s more for your amusement than your cat’s for sure but it’s awfully cute and will exercise your cat’s muscles and save your furniture.
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Cat Scratcher Lounge
Sleep, play, scratch, repeat. This cat scratcher is the perfect combo toy for your feline. It’s made from recycled cardboard, has a fun design, and is sturdy. Toss some catnip on it and your cat will be happy!
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Plush Scratch N Slide
The wave design is great for cats who lean into what they scratch and gives them a place to sit after they’ve exhausted themselves. The carpeting helps create a design that fits in most living rooms without it looking too much like a “scratching post.”
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Scratch-N-Television Cat Scratcher
Play, scratch, lounge – be on tv! This scratcher is great for cats who like to sit in boxes and nap. The tv design will definitely amuse you and your family. Need to some laughs? This might the scratcher for your cat and you.
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