Top Pet Names of 2011

Banfield Pet Hospital released their tally of the top pet names for 2011. They went through their database, which includes over 700 hospitals, and the results are in! Dog names are trending towards more human names such as Max and cats are sticking with more traditional names such as Tiger. There are still some of the good ol’ names on the list like Buddy, Sadie, Shadow, and Smokey but there are some new ones that we haven’t heard before.

Here are the top 20 Dog names

1: Bella
2: Max
3: Buddy
4: Daisy
5: Bailey
6: Lucy
7: Molly
8: Coco
9: Charlie
10: Rocky
11: Chloe
12: Maggie
13: Sadie
14: Princess
15: Sophie
16: Lucky
17: Roxy
18: Jack
19: Lola
20: Harley

Here are the top 20 Cat names

1: Kitty
2: Tiger
3: Bella
4: Kitten
5: Smokey
6: Max
7: Tigger
8: Shadow
9: Chloe
10: Lucy
11: Charlie
12: Oreo
13: Baby
14: Lucky
15: Buddy
16: Oliver
17: Jack
18: Simba
19: Princess
20: Angel


3 thoughts on “Top Pet Names of 2011

  1. Our cat is named KiKi, short for kitty kitty. How can you not believe that is an original great cat name.

  2. Our dog is Riley, which usually shows up as one of the most common dog’s names–the rescue agency had given him that name and he was already answering to it, so we couldn’t imagine taking it away–he had so little when we got him. So he has kept it and now has his self confidence back. We are so glad that we adopted and bless the lady who runs the agency for bailing him out of the Canton, Ohio, dog pound.

    But I am glad that at least Riley wasn’t one of the most common for 2011!

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