Trifexis: What You Need to Know

It’s recently come to light that some pets have died from unknown causes but media has drawn a link to the heart worm medication Trifexis as a contributing factor of the death. However, there hasn’t been any real proof to show if this is true or not.

However, the company that own Trifexis, Elanco, says the medication is not the cause of these fatalities. In the past, some medications have been directly linked to causing severe illness and even death to pets, but Trifexis has not been one of them.

If your dog uses this medication, talk to your vet about the side effects, health, and if you should stick with the brand. Your vet will have greater insight into the possible side effects and signs of illness than a media report, internet video, or other sources.

Also, if your pet does show signs of illness after administering a flea, tick, or other medication contact your vet right away as your pet might have a sensitivity to the chemicals. None of us want to harm our pets or make them ill from medications that are made to help keep the happy. Our hearts go out of those pet owners who have lost pets recently.

Image from Humane Society of Tennessee Valley

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