How to Turn an Outdoor Cat into an Indoor Cat

As summer comes to a close and the nights become cooler, you may begin taking out the air conditioners, pulling out the blankets, and putting away the summer clothing. Your cat, however, may not want to come inside but it’s important to protect her/him from the chilly weather. Or you may have decided it’s time to no longer let your indoor/outdoor cat go out anymore due to age or traffic.

Not sure if you’ve noticed but cats are drawn to warm spots and will lay in the sun for hours or sleep next to the heater. To the point where it seems dangerous. My cats one time singed their whiskers sleeping too close to the radiator. When it’s too hot, it’s good to keep all the pets inside with fresh water. When it’s getting chilly, it’s also important to make sure the pets are inside and comfortable. If your cat is being stubborn (if?!) and doesn’t want to come inside or stay inside, here’s a few things that can make the house just as fun as the yard and streets.

Make Indoors As Fun As Outdoors:

  1. Window perches – will allow your little lion to look outside and something to jump up on instead of the counters
  2. Scratching posts – allow your cat to mark, sharpen his nails, and something to climb even if it’s not as high or exciting as a tree.
  3. Food and Water – your cat may be grateful to not have to hunt around for something to eat or drink. Fresh water and good high quality food will make your cat happy and calm.
  4. Cat-friendly plants and toys – catnip and wheat grass can give your cat something to chew on and the toys help with exercise and mental stimulation.
  5. Litter box – granted it is not a toy or food, a litter box is important and your cat will take to it fairly easily. Just keep it clean and in a place that’s easily accessible.

Providing alternatives to climbing trees, chasing birds, and digging around in garbage may make your cat happier and more relaxed. Your cat might not want to go out or try to bolt out the door if it seems the “good life” is laying on the couch, training you to feed him, and having a bed to sleep on when you’re not there.

It’s safer for cats to be inside for so many reasons and cold weather is just one of many. It doesn’t take much work to make sure your cat is happy indoors, just a few toys, something to scratch, and a comfy place to sleep which is probably going to be your bed.

Image from PetProductGuru

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