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I’ve worked with animals for several years now and have come across some names for pets that were funny, bizarre, and sometimes downright odd. I’ve also met cats and dogs with names that were very formal and some that even evoked an image that the cat or dog should be wearing a crown and sitting in a castle.

Veterinary Pet Insurance or VPI released their top pet names for 2009 a while ago and listed Max and Bailey as two of the most common choices that people used when naming a pet. Max means “the greatest” and Bailey means “bailiff” as in “bail out.” Many people names their pets “people names” and some can be funny like naming your two dogs Mario and Luigi or Abbot and Costello but sometimes naming your pet after a food is also fun like Bacon, Brisket, or Sprinkles. Here’s some of the names I’ve heard for cats and dogs.

10 Common Names:

1: Max
2: Bailey
3: Buddy
4: Molly
5: Maggie
6: Lucy
7: Daisy
8: Bella
9: Jake
10: Rocky

10 Food-based Names:

1: Cayenne
2: Pepper
3: Bacon
4: Fluffin Muffin (Muffin for short)
5: Poptart
6: Milkshake
7: Chicken
8: Butters
9: Peanut
10: Chikpea

10 Parody Pet Names:

1: Sir Toots a Lot
2: Eartha Kittie
3: Catzilla
4: Tinkle Bell
5: Princess Lay-a-round the house (Princess for short)
6: Taco Bella
7: Iggy Poop
8: Captain Toot
9: Al Poochino
10: Tom Pet-Me

5 Unusual Pet Names:

1: Xerox
2: Ipod
3: Spam
4: Google
5: Bump

Does your pet have a fun or unique name? If so, let us know!

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5 thoughts on “Unique and Fun Names

  1. I have a orange tabby cat named simba after simba on the lion king. The name actually means “lion” in swahili.

  2. Cool article… My chihuahua’s name is Shenaynay named after the character on the show “MARTIN”. :)

  3. When I brought my little girl home from the ahumane Society, she had been assigned the very unfitting person name “Lori”. Ugh.
    My boyfriend at the time worked for Blimpie and was always bringing me their delicioso cookies. Well, my little sandy-blonde girl was exactly the same colour as my favourite fresh-baked sugar cookies and so she was rechristened “Cookies”!
    Three years later and I know I could not have picked a more appropriate name :)

  4. I have a miniature dachshund that I adopted about a year ago. When I was looking to adopt a dog at first, I thought I would rename whatever dog I ended up taking home with me. Well, the 8-year-old girl that I ended up adopting had the perfect name: Piper. Remember, she’s a dachshund. Named Piper. Get it? :D