Upcoming Dog Classes Around Portland, Oregon


There are plenty of useful classes going on around Portland in the next few weeks. They range from massage, to puppy training to weight control. These classes provide many excellent educational opportunities for those who will be around the Rose City and want to get out of the rain!

Disaster Animal Response Team Training

Oregon Humane Society

Portland, Oregon

January 15, 17

This is an introductory course, with the intention of familiarizing participants with how to handle emergency situations with their pets safely and effectively. People who take it will be able to help out their own pets, and give advice to their neighbors. You will meet in a class for two days, and do a series of hands-on exercises, as well as tabletop exercises. For more information, email Rene Pizzo: [email protected].

Weight Control for Pets


Beaverton, Oregon

January 21

This class will cover many aspects of weight control and having your pet live a healthy lifestyle. It will cover how to determine the right weight for your pet, how to maintain a relationship with your pet while compromising treats, and other topics. It will take place at night, from 7:30-8:30 PM, and costs $10. It is best (though not required) to pre-register, by calling 503-244-2060, or emailing [email protected].


I’ve Adopted a Dog. Now What!?

Oregon Humane Society

Portland, Oregon

January 23

This class will cover an array of useful information to new dog owners. Topics will include basic training techniques, common mistakes, recommended tools, exercising and realistic expectations. It will take place from 4:30-6:00 PM. This class costs $15, and you can pay in the small retail store before the class starts. You should RSVP by calling: 503-285-7722 ext. 225.

Beginning Animal Communication Class

Oregon Humane Society

Portland, Oregon

January 29, February 5

This useful class will explore many techniques of human and animal communication. In the first week, you will learn the practices, and then you will execute them the second week. Though you can’t bring your pet, you are allowed to bring in photos of them. Both of the classes will go on from 6:00-8:00 PM, and you must go to both the sessions! You must pre-register online to attend this class.

Massage Away Those Winter Aches


Beaverton, Oregon

February 6

This class will cover massage techniques for dogs hands-on. Massage is great for dogs who just recovered from surgery, or for healthy dogs who need to relax and revitalize their muscles during the cold season in Oregon. This course costs $20, and will last from 4:00-6:00 PM. You can bring 2 humans and 1 dog; it will be capped at 8-10 dogs, though. So register way in advance, by calling 503-244-2060, or emailing: [email protected]

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One thought on “Upcoming Dog Classes Around Portland, Oregon

  1. Sadly, the two classes you’re listing for Animal Aid were LAST year. You news is being picked up by other Web sites who are not fact-checking, and it’s causing a little confusion here locally.
    Thank you for including us — and I hope you get a chance to do so in the future — but please remove the Weight Control and the Massage classes ASAP.

    Linda Keast
    webmaster and class coordinator