Upcoming Pet Safety Workshops in the Portland, Oregon Area

There will be a series of pet emergency preparation workshops in the Portland, Oregon area. There will be many information sessions, and they will even hold events where you can get your pet microchipped.

dogDisaster Preparedness for Petowners

Beaverton City Library, Meeting Rooms A and B

Beaverton, Oregon

October 4

This is a free seminar at the library that launches a six-week focus on “Disaster Preparedness with Pets in Mind.” It will lay grounds for the following significant workshops. Questions will be explored about subjects like evacuations and finding shelters; what to have prepared if you become trapped in your home with your pet; what you should have in the car for your pet; making sure that your pet does not become neglected in case you are ever unconscious in a hospital. It will feature many local experts. No preregistration is necessary, and it will go on from 1:30-4:00 PM.

Lose-Proofing Fluffy

Western Pet Supply

Portland, Oregon

October 11

You can get your pet microchipped, ID tagged, and photographed, in case it ever gets lost. They will also present information on what to do in case your pet ever goes missing. It will cost $25/maximum, and you won’t be charged for any services you don’t use. It will go on 1:00-4:00 PM.

Survival Skills for Pets in Peril


Beaverton, Oregon

October 20

This is a “humans-only” workshop. It will focus on specific skills in case of crisis and building a connection with your pet in case that time comes. You will learn how to train your pet to be in a crate, and have your pet handled by strangers. Experts will do different presentations for cats and dogs, as the procedures are completely different for both. They will have used shelter crates for a reduced cost available. It costs $20, and you can pay when you are there. You can register at the PetsUtopia counter, or email [email protected], or call 503-244-2060. It will go on from 7:00-8:30 PM.

kittiesSurvival Skills for Pets in Peril

Tellington Touch: Calming Your Pet in Crisis


Beaverton, Oregon

November 3

This is a “humans-only” workshop. They will teach about T-Touch, a specialized way to physically handle your pet, that will help in crisis times. There will be a demo dog and demo cat. You can register at the PetsUtopia counter, or email [email protected], or call 503-244-2060. It will go on from 7:00-8:30 PM. It costs $20.

First Aid for Family Pets


Beaverton, Oregon

November 16

This “humans-only” workshop is a course in basic first aid for your pet. Keep in mind it is not a class that will lead towards veterinary certification, but is just meant for practical knowledge. A demo dog and demo cat will be shown. You can register at the PetsUtopia counter, or email classe[email protected], or call 503-244-2060. It will go on from 7:00-9:00 PM. It costs $25.


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