Urine Marking – Why and How To Prevent It

Many dogs mark when they are out on walks. You know how it goes, sniff the tree trunk or hydrant FOREVER and then “stake a claim” by urinating on it or trying to urinate on it if they have an empty bladder. Urine marking is not just peeing. It’s territorial marking and your dog may drop a few drops of urine on something to “own it.” Males are usually known to mark but females do too.

If you have noticed your dog marking and wondering why, there are a few reasons for urine marking:

  1. Your dog is not spayed or neutered and may feel the need to be more assertive.
  2. There’s a new pet in the house.
  3. There’s another pet in the house who is not neutered or spayed yet.
  4. Someone new has moved into the house such as a baby, roommate, or partner.
  5. Your pet has noticed a new pet nearby such as next door and feels the need to assert ownership on the fence that divides the yards.

If your dog has started urine marking or you want to prevent it, try these tips:

  1. Clean the soiled areas thoroughly with cleaners that are designed to remove urine.
  2. Move any items that your dog has marked out of reach such as shoes, garden hoses, or whatever.
  3. If there are conflicts between your pets, modify the behaviors and try to help them get along.
  4. If your dog is experiencing anxiety and marks out of fear, talk to your vet and see if there’s any medication or natural remedies to instill.

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