VPI’s 2010 Unusual Pet Names

VPI Pet Insurance has selected the most unusual dog names from the company’s database of more than 470,000 insured pets for 2010. Granted, we all know someone who has named their cat or dog something unusual like Bob The Biter for a nippy terrier or Rush Limbark. However, would you have ever thought of naming your dog Sir Toots A Lot? Someone did!

Following are the top 20 dog and cat names:


1: Pickel Von Corndog

2: Lord Chubby Pruneface

3: Badonkadonnk

4: Ninjastar Dangerrock

5: Molly McBoozehound

6: Dog Vader

7: Flopsy Squeakerton

8: Bettie Poops

9: Geez Louise

10: Barnaby Bones

11: Baba Ganoush

12: Virginia Woof

13: Iggy Pup

14: Doogie Bowser

15: Hunkapapa Honk

16: Chunk of Love

17: Atilla the Honey

18: Oliver with a Twist

19: Winnie the Pooch

20: Barky McBarker


1: Purr Diem

2: Bing Clawsby

3: Cleocatra

4: Admiral Pancake

5: Optimus Pants

6: Chairman Meow

7: Boo Manchu

8: Watts in a Name

9: Chenoa Azure Marshmellow-Puff

10: Senor Nachos

11: Tasselhoff

12: Dingleberry

13: Phebe Picklespam

14: Tater Bean

15: Meepmeep

16: Eskimo Ebony Heather Feather

17: Jiggly Puff

18: Alexander the Grey

19: Corporal Cuddles

20: Moxie Crimefighter

These are only 40 of the approximately 200,000 pet names in the U.S. Do you have an unusual name for your pet?


3 thoughts on “VPI’s 2010 Unusual Pet Names

  1. It’s so much fun seeing what others have named their precious pups.

    Here are a few names we have had for ours.

    Brandy Alexander
    Spot Lee Hooker (in honor of John Lee Hooker)
    Sister Sue Ellen Mischke (Sue Ellen Mischke is a Seinfeld character)

    An our cats.
    Lady Madonna
    Lincoln Street

    Thanks for the smiles!

  2. Great article! Although not really that unusual, we names our first border terrier, “Noodles” and our second one, “Pockets”. Of course, we came up with nicknames such as Nudie Boy, Noodlito, Pockie Poo, etc. Aren’t pets just so much fun?

  3. I have a Russian Blue named Tonks (from the Hairy Potter books). Everyone thinks Im weird but honestly I put two things that I love together. My cat and my books!!

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