Water Safety Tips

Summer is here! As I’ve floated down the Willamette River a few times I’ve seen other people floating or rowing down the river with their furry best friends. Whether you are going to take your pup out for a day at the lake or have a backyard pool, don’t forget to make sure they are safe.

4 Swimming Pool Safety Tips

    1. If your pet swims in the pool, make sure there’s an easy way out for her/him. A ramp or doggy steps are the best.
    2. Never let your dog drink from the pool. Keep a bowl of fresh water nearby. The chemicals in the pool water could upset your dog’s stomach.
    3. When not using the pool, make sure there is a gate or barrier to keep your dog from jumping in the pool unsupervised.
    4. After pool time, rinse your dog off to wash away the chemicals as well as any dirt from the yard.

4 Open Water Safety Tips

      1. Get your dog a life vest. Your dog might be a great swimmer but the current can carry them away and overwhelm her/him.
      2. Invest in sunscreen made for pets. Dog sunburns can cause blisters, dry skin, and pain, just like when we get sunburned. Skin cancer in pets is also more prevalent. Do not use sunscreen for people on pets.
      3. Bring fresh, clean water for your dog to drink. Do not let him/her drink from the lake, pond, or river. You don’t want your pup getting parasites.
      4. Make sure you stop on your boat ride to let your dog go to the bathroom or if needed, designate an area on your boat where it’s ok for your dog to go. You can buy pads or dog potties that look like grass. Having that on board will help your dog know where to go and make for an easy clean up.

Have a great summer! Don’t forget to hug your dog!

Image from Mypet

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