Ways to Prevent Dognapping

Last month in LA a fake car crash was staged to steal money and the robbers also took the silky terrier. Stealing dogs and reselling them for profit has been rising over the last few years.

Pure breed dogs are usually targeted because their personality, looks, and breed can bring in more cash than selling a dog that is mixed breed and may have some unknown quirks. This isn’t to say that a pure breed dog is a perfect match to its description in the dog books but those looking to adopt or buy a dog may find themselves with a deal they can’t pass up.

If your dog is micro-chipped, you can file a police report and the FBI and National Crime Information Center will track the dog as well.

Protect your dog

The AKC has several tips to prevent your dog from being dognapped:

1: Keep your dog on leash and in sight when going for walks. At dog parks, make sure your dog has good recall and comes when called, if you feel uneasy about someone who is near your dog.

2: When you aren’t home, keep your dog inside.

3: If someone asks how much did you pay for your pet, don’t discuss it. They may be “fishing” for information and trying to target you and your pet.

4: Do not leave your dog unattended outside a store or cafe. Try to find the dog-friendly places and if there aren’t any, leave Max at home. If you must stop in a store, try to make sure you can see your pet through the window at all times.

5: Keep a recent photo of your dog.

6: Microchip your pet.

7: Keep proper ID on their collar at all times.

8: Do not leave your dog unattended in a car with the windows down. You risk losing your dog and your car.

9: Keep your proof of ownership papers handy, rabies certificates, and other records in case your dog is not stolen but ends up in the municipal shelter as a lost dog.

10: As part of a pet kit, keep a flyer template handy in case you need to create “LOST DOG” flyers for your area. Many microchip companies have templates that can be quickly used to make a flyer. Don’t forget that you can re port your pet as lost or stolen to the police, local shelter, and even social media networks like Twitter and Facebook.

Hopefully you will never experience losing or having your dog stolen. It’s scary and can be extremely stressful. It makes you worry to no end that your furry friend is hurt, lost, or frightened and can keep you up at night. Now, go hug your dog and give her some peanut butter!

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4 thoughts on “Ways to Prevent Dognapping

  1. That’s a great list there. Thanks Kathy.

    I live in San Francisco and not only pure breed dogs; I see many flyers even the non pure breed ones as well. I’ve heard that the dogs are being sold or is ask for some sort of donation in return posted on Craigslist! It’s kind of scary but like what you’ve said here, we just need to keep an eye on our dogs at all times! I have a question on what to put on the dog tag. I have the name of my dog and my phone number. Some dog owners preferred not to put the dog’s name cos then ‘dog robber’ will know instantly his or her name.

  2. Personally, I’d have the following tags: rabies, county registered dog tag, microchip tag, and name tag. The name tag – name and #.

    But, to cut down on someone grabbing the collar and quickly being able to say, “Max, let’s go!” try facing the name and # inward. So it’s not readable without flipping it over. Also, you can take a hair tie and bundle the tags together so they don’t jingle.

  3. You can get a tag cover that keeps all the tags on the coller together inside a pouch. They don’t jingle and a thief would not have easy access to the information.