What I Miss About My Cats

As a kid growing up, I was surrounded only by dogs. There was a strong anti-cat prejudice in my family that I regrettably adopted. But when I moved out and started my own family and bought a house, suddenly the cats started appearing. I never set out to own them. They seemed to find me. Our first, Jill, came when the previous owners of the house left her behind. After that my kids would rescue them or, once, I found two, Juno and Blackberry, abandoned in the park near me when I was walking the dog.

Jill the cat
Our first cat, Jill.

Eventually, there were always at least two cats around and they worked their way into my day-to-day life, though always a bit on the fringes (they all were indoor/outdoor cats), quietly doing weird and crazy things on the periphery of my vision. At the same time, though, one would suddenly appear on my lap and cuddle and show great affection toward me and I finally began to understand what cats were really about. They were simultaneously lovable and distinctly odd, but also funny and never boring. And so we put up with the scratched furniture and the dead animals left at our door (and sometimes brought into our house) and the coughed-up hairballs because cats had become part of the fabric of our lives and taught us something wonderful about being weird and, in their own way, devoted.

Juno the cat

Eventually, though, the kids grew up and we suddenly had no cats left. And I thought, OK, let’s regroup and do without them for a while. But life got boring. And mundane. And logical. That’s when I found Simon’s Cat on YouTube which seems to perfectly capture everything we went through with our cats. And suddenly I understood that my life is now less interesting, and I felt a pang, and I began to realize what I miss about my cats.

Lily the cat

For example, now I wake up every morning by just opening my eyes and getting out of bed. How boring is that? And then I take a shower and when I come out of the shower, everything is where it should be. And then, instead of feeding the cat, I walk to my office and work uninterrupted for 5 hours. And, instead of taking a break and playing with the cat, which I realize was the only time I felt vicariously alive, I  feed the fish who seem less traumatized now there are no cats, peeking their little fish heads out from behind the plastic castle fairly confident that they won’t see a cat. But are never really sure.

The truth is, is that I miss watching fights with household appliances. And watching cats mess with boxes. Or playing with birds. And doing all the crazy ass things that cats do. And so, I’ve decided to get another one and am really looking forward to it. Yes, I’m going to get another cat. If not today, tomorrow. Or, I’m sure, most probably, without a doubt, the day, definitely, after that.

Or, most likely, I’ll just keep on watching Simon’s Cat and let Simon have all the fun.

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