What To Do If You Find a Lost Pet

Have you ever seen a dog or cat running loose on a busy street? You may have tried to get it out of harm’s way — or you may have wanted to, but weren’t sure how.

Here are some tips that can help next time you see a lost pet:

  • Be cautious: the dog or cat might be very scared and could hurt you. If it seems friendly, approach it slowly and speak calmly. You can use food to coax it over. If you have a garage or other enclosed area, you might be able to lure it into there. If you don’t and you’re feeling sort of brave you can try to leash the dog with a rope or if you have an extra leash… as for cats, you may want to have a cat trap or carrier where the cat can walk into and you can close the door. This may not work out, however, as lost pets tend to be overly nervous, excited, and may dart away.
  • Call the authorities: If the lost dog or cat seems unsure of you and you’re not sure of it, then call your local animal control or police department immediately. Be sure to give the dispatcher the exact street address where the animal was last seen.
  • Check for ID: Sometimes a lost pet will be super friendly and happy to see a person and may walk up to you. Check to see if the animal is wearing an ID tag. If so, you may be able to immediately contact the owner and return the pet to her or him. If the pet doesn’t have tags, your local vet or shelter may have a microchip ID scanner. Call them and let them know you found a pet.
  • Take pets with no ID to an animal shelter: If the animal has no ID tag or microchip, its best chance of being reunited with its owner is generally at an animal shelter. The shelter is the one obvious place where owners are likely to look for lost pets.
  • Post fliers: If possible, take a photo of the pet and post fliers around the area where the pet was found. Be sure to also distribute the fliers to local veterinary clinics. Craigslist is also a free forum where you can post a pic and info of the lost or found pet.
  • Image from Mascotoas.Hola.com

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