Whistle, A New Way to Monitor Your Dog’s Health

An article published on The Verge sheds some new insight into how we can be the best owners possible to our dogs. A new startup company, Whistle, has created an application and device that is similar to FitBit and the Nike Fuelbands that many ahtletes use to monitor their activity. Theirs, however, is for dogs.

Whistle, a new gadget that tracks your dog’s activity using a small circular device about the size of a watch face that attaches to the dog’s collar. It has an accelerometer in it that tells if the dog is walking, jogging, running, or sleeping. The device sells for $99.95 and with it comes free website signup and mobile app. The device on the collar uses bluetooth technology to send and receive data as well as wifi.

Whistle measures daily activities and charts changes in exercise. If it senses a sudden change in behavior it will alert the owner and information can be shared with your vet. The founder and CEO, Ben Jacobs, says the hope he has for the device is for it to help owners be aware of dogs who may experiencing pain or discomfort. Dogs, like kids, sometimes don’t show the hurt ankle or the limp they have had most of the day when we come home because they are excited to see us and the adrenaline pumping reduces the external signs. This is also why sometimes your pet may not stand or move as slowly as they do at home when you bring them to the vet, excitement can change gait and stance. With Whistle, you may find out that your dog has a touch of arthrtis and spends a good deal of time sleeping or walking much slower around the house when you’re not there.

This device is similar to ones already on the market but one key difference is the alerts that are sent and the ability for it to show you comparisons charts for other dogs that are the same breed/breed mix and weight/height. This can give you an idea of where you dog’s health and fitness levels are and can motivate you to take that extra 20 minute walk around the neighborhood at night or go for that evening run. Whistle might even make you a healthier.

For more information, visit Whistle’s site.

Image from Whistle.com

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