Why Do Cats Love Boxes?

If you have a cat you know they love to sit in boxes. Sometimes the boxes are as small as a coffee mug but that doesn’t stop a determined cat, even if it means only the paws are in the box and the rest of your cat is… well, spilling over the sides. Take a picture if that happens.

But do you know why cats love boxes or any space that is box-like such as your dresser drawer?

Here’s 4 reasons cats love boxes

  1. Boxes offer a sense of security – being in a box can feel like hiding out and cats have an instinctual need to seek confined spaces. It’s like a security blanket and helps relieve stress and anxiety. Even if they aren’t scared the security offered is comforting.
  2. Security and Lookout – in a box a cat can feel that they are protected from all sides and look out to see what’s going on. Cats have a predatory nature and the box acts like their cave where they observe the world around them without (they think) being seen.
  3. Maintains body heat – a box holds in heat and cats like to be warm. An enclosed space houses their body heat. You may have found your cat under the covers in your bed, in a box, or sitting in your bag. It’s all about the heat on cold winter days. Do your cat a favor, toss a blanket or old towel in the box for him/her to make it even more comfortable.
  4. Boxes offer resting places as they play – combining the need to lookout at prey, security, and even a nap spot, boxes are where you cat may run to and jump into during play time. Have you had a cat that chases a toy and then jumps into a box like a nut only to jump out a few seconds later zoom away? It’s like “base” to your cat. It’s the spot where your cat can pause, evaluate the toy, and then either attack it or zoom into another room and zoom back.
  5. Have pictures or videos of your cat in a box? Share them with us!

    Image from Archieli

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