Win a Portrait of Your Pet! CEO, Smudge Kingsley, has been toying with the idea of immortality. Of capturing his esteemed legacy. Let’s face it, we all do at one time or another. But now that he’s 42 in people years–and in just one more year will be 49 (Yikes! What’s that about?…)–he thought he’d better get on the stick andย  start thinking about posterity. So, with no further delay, he got out his Droid and texted Cara Wood-Ginder over at Petimento Pet Portraits. It was time to become immortal.

And what better way to defeat the gods, to throw a dog bone into the ever-grinding cogs of time than getting a portrait done? And not just any portrait, but one that truly captures his doggy essence, his inner Smudge. We’ve all seen ads for pet portraits. A lot of them are kind of rough, catching the general breed type but not necessarily the personality of the pet itself. At Petimento Pet Portraits, Cara takes the time to find out what makes your pet special. “Being a pet portrait painter is a calling that I think is as important as any other in the art world,” she said.ย  “There is something about capturing these animals that is very satisfying. Each one is different. Dog portraits, cat portraits, cockatoo portraits…they all have their stories.” Petimento is a play on the world pentimento, which is a painting term that means an image that shows through earlier paint. “I’ve always liked the idea of a another story coming through, so to speak.”

The official portrait.

Indeed, when Smudge went for his sitting, he was expecting your standard portrait of a successful Fortune 500 CEO, one that befits the leader of such a glorious institution as, Inc. And that’s what he got….but not all he got. Yes, Cara did the official portrait, one that can be hung in our offices in the “Hallway of Fame” along with our other luminaries, including petswelcome founder MacDuff Grayson, and “Sticky Paws” Palermo (an early CFO who nearly bankrupted the company but, after a brief stint in Sing Sing, led us through a questionable era of unparalleled prosperity). Even in the official portrait of Smudge, Cara caught his kindness and vision. Check out how his whole posture says, “Oh, okay, you can have another raise…”ย  And look how alive the light is in his eyes. For most painters, that would be enough. But just as our esteemed CEO was about to hop back into the company limo, Cara asked him to sit a little longer. And what followed is what makes Petimento Pet Portraits so special and why petswelcome is having a contest so that one of our incredibly lucky visitors can win a portrait of their own pet, or give a portrait to a friend or family member as a gift for Valentine’s Day.

“Do you like boats?” Cara asked our CEO. The question pierced his soul. That’s because for years he’d been sitting on the dock at our headquarters in Key Biscayne and watched as his own employees took out the company yacht, FatCat, for parties and company celebrations. But because Smudge is a little clumsy and has tendency to get seasick, he had to remain back on land, and was left to listen to the wafting of party music from the boat and dream of what it must be like to be able to sail on the ocean.

The inner Ahab.

So when the portraits arrived at the offices a few weeks later, you could imagine Smudge’s surprise at the second painting. Somehow Cara had caught his true self, his inner sea captain. And now he walks around the office with a new spring in his step. Of course, the spring in his step is due to the wooden peg he now wears to emphasize his new persona. He also hired a parrot named Rufus just to sit on his shoulder. We’re hoping he’ll get over it.

Hired, well, because he's a parrot.

In the meantime, though, to help you immortalize your own pet, or somebody’s you know, petswelcome is having a contest to win a free pet portrait by Petimento Pet Portraits. The contest starts Wednesday, November 23rd, the day before Thanksgiving and runs through midnight January 15th–enough time to get the painting done or to give it as a gift certificate for Valentine’s Day. And all you have to do is add a Fun and Cool Place to petswelcome and you will be automatically entered to win. That’s it. Just let us know about a cool place–a cafe, park, beach, museum, whatever–that you and your pet have discovered and/or love to visit and you’ll be eligible to win a wonderful portrait.

Also, Felix and Buddy from our mailroom.

Visit regularly for more updates and details.

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6 thoughts on “Win a Portrait of Your Pet!

  1. I’ve seen these phenomenal paintings – Cara is a genius artist!
    If I don’t win one, I’m buying one someday!

  2. yep i sure would like to have aportrait of my two boys………giant schnauzer and a weim……

  3. Would love to give my son a birthday gift of his sweetie, Abby, an English bulldog. :-) These portraits are priceless!!