5 Products For Your Pet This Winter

Snow, ice, sleet, rainy mornings, and super cold days means you’re using deicers and other chemicals to keep your cars running and walkways clear from ice. But did you know that some of the tried and true methods of keeping our sidewalks clear and cars running are not only harmful to our environment but also harmful to our pets? There are alternatives and they aren’t hard to find.

Here are 5 products that are essential for winter

  1. Mortons Safe T-Pet: This was developed with veterinarian support to make sure it is safe for pets to step on. It is salt and chloride free which is less irritating for their paws and stomach. Morton Safe T-PEt will melt snow and ice and is also gentler on your paved surface than salt which can corrdoe pipes, metal, and other materials, as well as burn little pet paws.
  2. Tagg the Pet Tracker: Even if your pet is leashed when on walks, there may be that scary moment when s/he gets off leash and goes for a solo adventure. If your dog has the Tagg Pet Tracker on, you have a way to find her/him quickly. This device uses GPS tracking technology so you can see where you dog is and get notifications. It attaches to the collar and can be used in rain, snow, and even swimming.
  3. A Door Mat: Coming in from a rainy or slushy day means cat or dog paw prints are tracked around the house. You can wipe their paws, if they let you, but having a door mat that is super absorbent will also help get some of that cold wet water off their paws. There are several types that are marketed directly for pet owners and many of them are more absorbent than the ones that you may find in your local housewares store. Look for the ones that almost sponge like and can be easily cleaned and made of material that isn’t hazardous to you or your pet.
  4. Pet Dryer: Winter baths can mean chilly, soggy dogs and cats. Why not invest in a dog dryer? It’ll get them dry in no time. You could use a hair dryer but the heat and the time it takes to blow through the layers of fur may mean you and your pet are tired of it before one leg is dry. Pet dryers are cooler and safer and energy efficient.
  5. Rain coat: Doggies don’t like getting hit with rain. Well, some do. But not all and a raincoat adds a layer of insulation to keep some body heat in. They help keep your pet dry so when you both come in from a walk, the smell of “wet dog” isn’t asโ€ฆ strong. It also cuts down on you have to dry them after a fun romp on the snow and rain.

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